April 27, 2011

Take Me to the Riot

Take Me to the Riot- Stars
I have a confession guys- I am incredibly introverted and awkward. Taking photos in front of people scares the bejeezus out of me- I immediately clam up and can only remember how to make ridiculous faces (yes, they get more ridiculous!). I've known this fact for years: My mum informed me when I was 10 that I was not at all photogenic, and could not in fact sing. Gee, thanks mother. But surprisingly, my mum is so sweet that these facts actually came out as compliments... I still don't understand how...
Anyways, that brings me to this hidden little place that I found to take these photos. I decided to veer off the usual path while at the canyon and came across a sunlit little patch of hidden glory! Imagine my delight that I could take my photos once again in solitude! 
Floral Dress- Winners, Black Blazer- Thrifted, Black Cami- Banana Republic, Black Boots- House of Harlow, Black Tights- Target, Wrap Bracelets- Club Monaco and DIY, Brown Belt- Vintage
And this is a little photo from my other piece of solitude this weekend- chilling out max (and relaxing all cool and shooting... no?? Am I the only one who remembers Fresh Prince?) at Ambleside beach on Saturday. The sun was shining and I had a new book to dive into. C'est parfait! 

April 25, 2011

DIY Time!

So. If you have the above materials what can you do with them? Possibly something really handy and helpful... or you can make a killer bracelet! 
I stumbled on Honestly WTF the other day and have fallen hard for their DIYs, there's tie-dying, rope necklaces, pom-poms and this hex nut bracelet. The tutorial specified brass hex nuts, which look amazing, but my local hardware store only had silver, and after assembling I decided that next time I'll also go for the nuts that are a size smaller to keep it looking neater. It was really simple to make and I haven't taken it off since though, so I think it was a success!
The full tutorial is here, but really it's just braiding and then adding the hex nuts one at a time.. easy peasy! 

April 23, 2011

Giving Up The Gun

Giving Up The Gun- Vampire Weekend
So we're carrying on the shorts and tights theme, so original. But it works! Warm enough for the cool Spring breeze, but not as uncomfortable and constraining as pants. Although, I did over-layer the top half of the outfit- a tee, sweater and jean jacket was major overkill for the lovely warm day we had. 
Jean Jacket- Old Navy, Beige Sweater- Urban Outfitters, Black Wool Shorts- H&M, Black Tights- Target, Camel Desert Boots- Liz Clairborne (via Winners), Earrings and Belt- Vintage, Turquoise Ring- Aldo
I feel like a total 90's baby in this outfit! All these little pieces of my childhood melded together in an outfit... the jean jacket, the shorts and tights and, of course, the "Elaine" hair. Oh if only my grade 3 self could see me now, I think she'd approve :)

p.s Stay tuned for an AWESOME DIY that I stumbled on (and actually managed to pull off!). I think it might be my new favourite thing!

April 21, 2011

White Blank Page

White Blank Page- Mumford and Sons
I haven't had a chance to take any outfit photos this week. I know. What's up!? These ones are from last month but somehow they had become buried in my iPhoto folder, thankfully I stumbled on them today! I somehow don't think photos of my day would be too interesting (meetings, commuting and a bag lunch... oh so glam!)
We're back to my go to in-between season outfit of shorts and tights, but this time I added in a touch of lace via my pretty little dress (folded, very strategically, into the shorts!). With the slouchy boots and drapey sweater I felt pretty cozy, but not sloppy, and that's the kind of balance I like to strike!
Beige Sweater, Jean Shorts, Slouchy Boots- Le Chateau, Black Lace Dress- American Apparel, Brown Belt- Vintage
I'm quite excited to take some outfit shots this Friday (day off!!). I swear that I have worn some stylish outfits this past week, just haven't had the time/camera/energy to document them! Be prepared for multiple posts next week. You've been warned. :)

April 18, 2011

Oh, Hello Sunday!

This past Sunday was quite beautiful, so I'm kidnapping you guys and taking you along with me in my photo diary! 
After church I slipped into my comfy sneakers and headed down to my most favourite bridge ever, the Lion's Gate. It's this huge emerald green romantic beauty of a bridge. At night it's all beautifully lit up and I can't help but feel that I need to shoot a movie on it (... it also makes me forget that I have no idea how to make a movie!)
Uhm... did I mention that it has huge stone lions at the foot of it?? For a girl who's missing her cat, this is quite a welcome sight!
It led me right into Stanley Park so I roamed around in the sunshine... jealous yet??
Glasses- Joe Fresh, Chartruese Scarf- Plum, Navy Cardigan- Gap, Jeans- 7 For All Mankind (gift), Runners- Converse
Finally, I settled onto a cozy little bench in the park and finished off my book. 
I hope you guys had a lovely little Sunday too!
(regular outfit shots will resume soon! I just haven't had time/anything close to a stylish outfit for a couple days!) 

April 13, 2011


Bambi- Tokyo Police Club
Whew! Some how it's only Wednesday. I'm not quite sure how this is possible as it feels like I should be having a long stretch of a weekend coming up right about now... but I've double checked my calendar all day, and I'm 80% sure it's not lying! But it has been a good Wednesday regardless, I've found some awesome new roommates and have a very promising lead on a house! You have no idea how much I've been stressing over the living situation recently (the looming deadline wasn't helping!) so I'm feeling much lighter today. 
So with that slightly more sorted, I went for a little walk and photo shoot at the canyon after work today, playing hide and go seek with all the good people who were out jogging and not being narcissistic! 
Not too impressed with all the rain today!
Pastel Flower Dress- H&M, Purple Sweater- Gap, Purple Belt- American Apparel, Black Boots- House of Harlow, Black Tights- Target, Camel Trench and Black Beret- Le Chateau, Silver Leaf and Bliss Necklace- Gifts
Oh! And I found a coat rack... obviously nature-made just for me. Yup, a very good Wednesday!

April 11, 2011


Sail- Awolnation
So, would you like to know how I ended up with yet another dress?? You do!? Awesome.

This past weekend was a friend's wedding in Calgary, and since I'm an idiot I decided to drive the 12hr there and then 12hrs back in 3 days. I grabbed some audiobooks, snacks, coffee and my game face, everything but a dress. Now, I didn't forget a dress but remember when I moved from MB to BC? Yeah... it seems that all of my dresses got tucked away into a neat little box that is in storage thousands of miles away from me (see: idiot). I thought I'd be fine, Calgary has tons of stores! I figured I'd drive all day Friday, get up early on Saturday and find a pretty little number in the morning with plenty of time to relax before the ceremony. INSTEAD I drove 9 hrs only to find out that the highway was closed and I was stranded in the middle of nowhere for the night. 

When I finally rolled into Calgary the next day I was seriously running late. I dashed into the first store I found and managed to pick up this little number for 30% off! That's right. I just might have to upgrade myself from idiot! 
Navy Lace Dress- Jacob, Sash- Flea Market, Nude Shoes and Turquoise Earrings- Aldo, Leather Wrap Bracelet- H&M
Anyway the wedding was so gorgeous and fun (they had macarons and a photobooth!) and was definitely worth the jinxed roadtrip (I won't even get started on the trip back... 6hrs waiting on the side of the road for the highway to reopen is as fun as it sounds). 

April 6, 2011

Heavy Soul

Heavy Soul- The Black Keys
I have a case of the mean reds.... well, maybe the moody blues (haha). But seriously, how pissed off do I look in these photos?? It was painful, and really, it's not like anything had even happened! Just lack of sleep and some looming deadlines- but I went home and polished off my little jar of Nutella while watching The Office. I feel quite chipper now! 
Navy Blazer- R. W. and Co., Stripe Shirt and Black Wool Shorts- H&M, Purple Tights- Marks and Spencers, Black Boots- House of Harlow, Pearl Necklace- Vintage from Granny
Anyways I hope you're all having a lovely day, it is Wednesday after all... which, for me, means that tomorrow is the last work day this week and then I'm off on a road trip to a friend's wedding in Calgary! Wooo! 


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