January 27, 2011

Weighty Ghost

Weighty Ghost- Wintersleep
The other night I met up with my lovely fashionable friend Brooke (of Center Sage) for some farewell wine. Putting together an outfit when your place is a disaster and you have no idea where most of your clothes are is...fun? Basically, I'd been wearing an oversized white tee and leggings all day but figured I should step it up a bit- so on came the sequinned dress! Nothing says "I swear I'm not a slob!" quite like

On a side nore, Brooke entered Refinery 29 and Covergirl's Hunt for the Next Big Style Blogger and really, this girl should win... so head over and give her some love
Sequin Dress: Le Chateau, White Tee and Leggings: Joe Fresh, Black Boots: House of Harlow, Navy Metallic Trim Cardigan and Beret: Gap, Purple Belt: American Apparel, Knuckle Ring and Cuff: Aldo
So, a few weeks ago I had mentioned that I was working on a project and was hoping to show you guys a bit... so here we go! I debated posting this, as it's not at all fashion related, but in the end decided that it is a large part of who I am and this blog does seem to focus a lot on me (haha). 
Here's a page from the children's book I've been working on. It's about Mati, a Red Panda, who is looking for a friend! I had so much fun illustrating it- but had Brooke help out with the writing (the girl has mad skills! Plus, my over-usage of exclamation points and made up words didn't really cut it!
Mati new
p.s so sorry for the lack of reply's lately- I'll be in top blogging form in a week. Pinky Promise! 


  1. I'm glad you shared! He is so cute! That some great illustratin! Did you do it in photoshop? it looks like a digital painting to me?

    Sequins jazz any outfit up! love it!


  2. That is sooo cool that you're working on a kids book! You are sooo talented!
    Good luck with the move!

  3. Yay!! I love the idea about the book and seriously - you could never be a slob. You are way too cute. Love those sequins!


  4. ps-if you have some white denim hold them off to the side and do an outfit post. i want to pull together a white denim in winter challenge in possible and would LOVE to include you. i know you have a TON going on though, so no sweat if you can't.


  5. Oh my god your illustration is amazing, and so adorable! I love pandas so much ^_^


  6. Anonymous28.1.11

    You never look like a slob! In fact, I even changed before we met up for wine because I knew you would look stylish as ever. Thanks so much for the shout Louise! Your children's book is precious. You're the one with mad skills! I've been looking over your portfolio and all I can say is how much do you want for the dancer? That might have to stay in MB ha ha Oh and I heard your accent sneak in a few times...like on the word 'know' It's too cute! Love it! x

  7. Anonymous28.1.11

    i feel your pain girl! I just moved and can't find anything!!! :) come enter my giveaway!

  8. looks so brillant :)



  9. Aww, that picture is adorable!! You are so talented, Louise! Can't wait to see more if you're willing to share :)

    And yes, nothing says dress up like sequins, and this dress is great! So soft looking! Can't wait to see you wear it in the spring/summer! :)


  10. Anonymous31.1.11

    Just discovered you through 'The Fashionist' and love your 'style transcends labels' approach. Your blog has an ethereal vibe that I find refreshing in a sea of consumer (and consumption)-driven fashion blogs

    Being a Haligonian (whose inlaws live in Winnipeg interestingly enough) I also love that you named today's entry after music from one of our local bands ;) Halifax is quite a stylish little city and I'm sure you would find some inspiration here should you ever have the opportunity to visit.



  11. Cute illustration! Children's books seem like so much fun... though I would have a hard time toning down my colourful language.
    And yes, nothing like sequins to say all is right with the world!!

  12. Beautiful skirt!


Thanks for all your lovely comments, they never fail to make my day! xx


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