June 29, 2010

Walk it Off

I got home from Montreal last night after a wonderful little (extended) weekend there, I took a few photos and will post them in the next few days to give you a taste. It really is a gorgeous city, the architecture is what killed me, I`m a sucker for old stone buildings and copper roofs. I spent the majority of Saturday just strolling around getting (purposefully) lost and imagining myself living in the cutest little apartments!

 I did a fair bit of window shopping, but was able to flex my restraint muscles quite well and only caved on a few perfect items, one of which is this sweater. I know, it`s taupe. Surprise, surprise. I even had a conversation with myself (in franglish!) in the change room to try and talk myself out of it but then it just said `Louise, Je suis beau. Vous avez besoin de moi.` and that was it. SOLD! And I`ve barely taken it off since, parfait! 
Sweater: Urban Outfitters
Shorts: Le Chateau
Shoes: Pierre Hardy for Gap
Flower Headband: Smart Set
Necklace: From the Earth
Turquoise Bracelet: Stella & Dot
Assorted Bangles

Lovely: Discovering new places and falling more in love with traveling! From meeting new people to trying exotic food to the rush that you get when you`re taking off on a plane, I love it all. I can`t wait to continue to explore and have adventures... and there are many more on the horizon! Yay!

June 23, 2010

Mamma Mia

My cat does not enjoy being a model... nope, not at all. This was the only photo I could get of the little dude where he doesn't have an "I hate you" glare on his face (possibly because he's not looking at the camera and is instead plotting his escape/revenge). I mean, I get that in the fashion world people expect a certain level of attitude but Binx really took it to a new level. 

....and yes. I am the crazy cat lady that lives down the street from you. Actually, scratch that, it's not me it's my parents that are the crazy animal people. My house is void of any pets (a sad, sad fact) so to get my little doses of cuddling/ terrorizing of pets I have to trek out to my parents acreage...which is only a 15 min car ride (you can get anywhere in my town in under 15 min. Fact.) so this happens quite often. 

So that's mostly what my morning consisted of; snuggling cats, running around with the dogs, and cranking my parents music (hence the Mamma Mia title! I swear they only listen to ABBA, Elton John, Fleetwood Mac and the Bee Gees!). Not a bad way to start the day! 

Dress: FCUK
Tank: Joe
Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: Aldo
Leaf Earrings: ?
Huge Silver Ring: Suzy Shier

This is a cute little sundress I picked up last year from an FCUK sample sale for dirt cheap, it has the cutest patch pockets on the front and a halter top. It seemed a little too beachy for a day with intermittent rain so I pulled a tank over and belted it. I'm also in the habit of wearing my strappy gold flats now, I swear they go with everything! I love heels and all but sometimes you just want to be able to run. 
Lovely: How dogs get SO EXCITED!!!! to see you, even if you've only been gone 5 min. Is there any better ego boost (other than blogging, of course!)?

This little ball of excitement is Rupert, not the brightest dog in the World but definitely one of the sweetest! He's my partner in crime when I go biking in the Hills and for this reason I get extra kisses from him when I see him!

June 22, 2010

Cosmic Love

There's nothing like slipping into a pencil skirt to make you feel all business-y, powerful and feminine; Just the feelings I needed to evoke to get through my To Do list today. Since I don't work in a standard office (and because the sun is actually shining!) I also wore my slinky taupe tank and my favorite scarf to keep my wayward fringe out of my eyes. 

I'm such a good little gardener! (*sarcasm*)
Top: Joe
Skirt: Le Chateau
Belt and Scarf: Vintage
Shoes: Franco Sarto
Assorted Bangles

Lovely: Summer officially starting and feeling that giddy sense of anticipation for all the fun to begin! Bring on the picnics, BBQs, lake days, hammock cat-naps, smores, strawberry picking and Popsicles!

I'm heading to Montreal this weekend (I know!) and would love any shopping tips that you have. It's my first time there and would appreciate any help for must-see stores/ attractions! Thanks Lovelies!

June 19, 2010

Fancy Dress Party

Dun dun dun dunnn... Wedding season is upon us again (along with grads, showers and other fun and fancy parties) and with this comes the need for some great dresses. Here is a sampling of some beauties that are available, at all budgets, that you would still be able to use after the big night! 

These 4 are classic, elegant and chic yet they have enough spunk in them to not be boring! I usually avoid wearing an all black dress at a wedding (too funeral) so mixing a print or cut out hem with it makes the LBD less severe. 
No Occasion Needed Dress-ModCloth, $108
Embroidered linen-blend dress, $335
BB Dakota Caleb Dress, $88

Prints are everywhere this season and the perfect way to look festive and fun at a party. Minimal jewelry is required for a simple look or load on the baubles for a more eclectic one! 

June 17, 2010

Blow Away

I decided to do the MOD uniform today; scruffy shorts, over-sized tee, blazer and chunky shoes. Ideally I would have on some kick-*** motorcycle boots but seeing as I have none of those and adore my Franco heels I decided an improvisation was ok! I get why this is such a big look, it's so comfy but you still look like you tried, and isn't that the best?

One of my favorite parts of this outfit though is the adorable key necklace that I won from Amanda at A.Co est. 1984 blog (such an awesome fellow fashion blogger!). She makes the coolest necklaces and I was giddy when I found out I'd won one! Anyone who knows me IRL knows that I love odd antique-ish things on my necklaces (coins, elephants, manta-rays, and especially keys!). So you can just imagine how much use I'm going to get out of this little dude!  
Blazer: Thrifted
Tee: Joe
Shorts: American Eagle (4 years ago.. I think??)
Shoes: Franco Sarto
Key Necklace: A.Co Designs
Belt: Vintage
Lovely: NOT killing your garden yet!! I know this seems silly, but I've never had a garden and I'm terrible at watering things! I've found myself staring out my window just looking at the lovely little green things growing in my pots and planters... I'm a proud momma bear! 

Say "Hi!" to my Tiny Tom plant! 

June 15, 2010


What a lovely weekend! A theme party, the fair and minimal rain... what more could you ask for? Yet again though, no photos from the past few days (apparently there are no appropriate ones from the track party and due to the gloomy sky at the fair I opted to not bring my camera) but I'm going to a hair/ burlesque show (in my small town...what?!) tonight with the lovely Brooke from Miss Jones and Me so I'm sure we'll snap a few candid photos! 

Shirt: Sugar Lips
Shorts: Smart Set
Shoes: Pierre Hardy for Gap
Hat: American Apparel
Belt and Watch: Vintage

The Sun has finally made an appearance! I was going to post yesterday but it was just too tempting to go outside and reign in the mess that is my garden. I was sun burnt, mosquito bitten, and covered in dirt by the end but my garden has cute flowers everywhere and even some herbs! After a quick shower I changed into my safari shorts and a sorbet coloured, ruffled tank to see the long anticipated Sex and the City movie (can you believe I hadn't seen it yet?). It wasn't until we arrived at the movies that we found out that it wasn't playing anymore! Apparently there was a mix up and it was on their site (with show times!!) but they had to replace it. We were pretty bummed but went to see "Get Him to the Greek" which turned out to be decently funny. Not all was lost, but I still wish I could've seen SATC! 
Lovely: TED talks! Very random, for a style blog, but really if you have an extra 20 min check out some of them. They have so many to choose from and they're all incredibly interesting. I'm a sucker for the motivational ones (yes, sometimes I do need a good kick in the behind to actually start doing something!). I think this is my current favorite (WARNING: it's over an hour long! But well worth it, trust me!)

Randy Pausch: Really achieving your childhood dreams | Video on TED.com


June 11, 2010


So first off, I built a deck today (well, my dad helped but still... kind of proud of myself!) I also made some cut-off shorts.. INSTEAD OF BUYING A NEW PAIR! Sorry, I'm feeling super proud right now and had to gloat. I'm done now. :)

This is such a comfy little dress, obviously it's perfect for summer but seeing as Manitoba decided to have summer in April I had to put on my handy cardigan and tights again. Still cute, but not as floaty as this dress should be. I also wanted to rough up the florals again so I used the studded belt and cuff, and then a sturdy pair of T-straps to ground it all. 

Dress: Kismet
Cardigan: Thrifted
Shoes and Cuff: Aldo
Belt: Gap
Tights: Joe
The fair is in town this week, which means rides, mini-donuts, cotton candy and fireworks! Because I'm a 5 year old trapped in an adult's body I'm super excited about going and already have my ticket! I plan on soaking up all the fair fun (even if that means standing outside in long lines while it pours...) and I'm hoping to win some ginormous stuffed animal and gain at least 5lbs. in fair food! I hope everyone else has an awesome weekend too! 

Lovely: Seeing water beads on leaves. I don't know why, but this makes me smile. A lot. :) 


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