March 27, 2011

Rock It

Rock It- Little Red
Oh J. Crew, can you do any wrong? This vibrant little skirt (that I found on super super sale at the J. Crew Outlet!) makes me smile, I mean... just look how cheery it is. Obviously an instant smile. 
I was hell bent on not wearing tights today. I love them, but I just couldn't pull them on for the 7th time this week. So even though it was a tad chilly outside, I bared my pale legs and threw a chunky, cozy sweater on instead... then spent the entire time with chattering teeth and a desire for a large cup of hot tea. I was still smiling though! 
Sweater- Urban Outfitters, Watercolour Floral Skirt- J Crew, Desert Boots- Liz Claiborne via Winners, Key Necklace- From the lovely A. Co, Leather Strap Bracelet- H&M, Turquoise Ring- Aldo, Bow Headband- Smart Set
Its been a fun weekend, filled with hikes, scoping out possible new apartments and a trip out to the ballet last night to see "Wonderland". Not too shabby! Hopefully the upcoming week is just as lovely... I have a few big things I need to sort out and work on and need all the luck I can get! 

March 24, 2011

There Goes the Fear

There Goes the Fear- Doves
I have to say, I feel bad @$$ in this. Rarr. A friend and I used to joke that I had an alter ego because I'm usually such a little wholesome granny- with all my knitting and baking and crafts (and cat!)- but every once in a while I like being a little darker (k, full disclosure: bad to me means... not taking off mascara before bed! gasp! And learning to drive a motorcycle! No rule breaking for this granny). I don't think I'll ever fully embrace my inner (mini) wild child, but its fun to wear an outfit that lets me pretend! 
Metallic Knit Sweater- H&M, Black Leggings- Joe Fresh, Grey Floppy Hat- American Apparel, Black Cami- Banana Republic, Slouch Boots- Le Chateau, Wrap Bracelet- Club Monaco
So now this alias of mine is going to curl up to watch The Office and eat some ice cream... straight from the carton! Damn, she's bad to the bone. 

March 22, 2011

Go Your Own Way

Go Your Own Way- Fleetwood Mac (yeah. That's right!) 
I've been saving this little dress for photos for when it's sunny enough to go without a cover-up. It has the cutest cut- all Audrey Hepburn on top and pouffy below the waist, I feel like quite the pretty ballerina when I wear it...and isn't that every girl's wish?? So I decided to forgo the waiting and post photos the next time I wore it, I always was crap at waiting for things anyways! 
Polka Dot Dress- Zara, Red Coat- Costa Blanca, Brown Belt- Vintage, Black Tights- Target, Brown Colour Clock Shoes- Mellow Yellow, Gold Feather Bracelet- Archive Vintage

I keep seeing people rocking the most perfect vintage brooches everywhere, and as I was cropping these photos I couldn't help but feel that this outfit would be brought up that extra bit with a little beauty attached to it. Too bad about the self-imposed shopping ban... a girl can hope and wish though (and possibly search her mum's vintage jewelry collection next time she visits MB!) 
Have a wonderful Tuesday lovelies!

March 20, 2011

Inspiration to Outfit

I've loved this Picasso sketch since I first saw it (a copy has been hanging on various walls in the houses that I've lived in for years) but it wasn't until I looked at it closer that I realized what a good outfit inspiration it would make. Just perfect for spring's soft, romantic and slightly bohemian feel. This woman is exotic and sensual, but sweet and natural all at the same time- the perfect balance!

Plus, when I was in Aritzia last week I came across the kimono featured and fell in lust... however, a recent car maintenance bill of $1500 has put a cap on any future spending (and any sanity I had)! So I've resigned to just including it in capsules! 

March 17, 2011

For Japan With Love

I'm coming in right under the wire, but I just heard about this from Brooke at Center Sage and had to join in- it's such a wonderful cause and I'm happy to help out in any small way to get the word out. 

You can help out too, by donating to ShelterBox (they deliver disaster relief boxes and were one of the first organizations asked by Japan for help) and/or by signing up for March 18th The Blogger Day of Silence.

I know we've all been touched and heartbroken by the devastation in Japan, it seems like your small contribution, any contribution really, won't make a difference. But what if it does. If everyone helped out we can make a difference. Maybe that's idealistic, but when it comes down to it I would rather be idealistic and help than cynical and jaded. 

Thoughts and Prayers always,

March 16, 2011

Skinny Genes

Skinny Genes- Eliza Doolittle
This wasn't really a planned outfit shoot, hence the very low key outfit, but as I was driving along the "Sea to Sky" highway north of Vancouver I just had to take some photos. I mean, who could really pass up that view?! It had been intermittently raining all day but it cleared up as I stepped out of the car and the sun started to set, making the lighting all soft and pretty (not to mention very complementary...holla!) 

Black Cropped Trench and Taupe Pashmina- Le Chateau, Blue Denim Shirt- American Eagle, White Cami- J. Crew, Skinny Jeans- Winners, Black Equestrian Boots- House of Harlow, Gold Bead Necklace- Target, Polka Dot Umbrella- Kate Spade, Brown Belt- Vintage, Leather Strap Bracelet- H&M

I'm sure you guys have noticed some changes around here, what do you think?? Better or worse? I'd honestly really love to know. This blog is a hobby for me, but I still want it to look pretty and work well... and seeing as I'm completely new to all this tech stuff, sometimes its awesome to have constructive feedback.

March 13, 2011

The Perfect Space

The Perfect Space- The Avett Brothers
My hunt is finally over! Ever since August I've been lusting after the perfect pair of high waisted khakis that have a "carrot" top for two reasons 1) because c'mon, any pair of pants that you can relate to a vegetable is pretty awesome (!) and 2) when I was in Bordeaux in Nov all the most stylish french girls were wearing them and it just seemed so... effortlessly chic. But every pair I tried on (in excess of 25!) looked horrible! Too tight at the calves, M.C. Hammer-ish, way too baggy in all the wrong places. This girl was just about to wave her white flag and give up, figuring that I just wasn't made for them. But then I stumbled on these beauties and figured I might as well just try on one more pair. Then it was over for me. The search had ended! 
Black Peacoat- Le Chateau, Black Sheer Shirt- Costa Blanca, Khaki Carrot Pants- Wilfred via Aritzia, Gold Bead Necklace- Target, Brown Belt- Vintage, Wrap Bracelets- Club Monaco and H&M, Nude Flats- Joe Fresh
And now I have a cozy Sunday night ahead of me, with some yummy food from the farmer's market, a good book and hopefully a bit of painting (...possibly an Okanagan Apple Cider too!) 
Has anyone got a book to recommend? I'm almost done my current one (Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer) and am always looking for hidden gems.

March 8, 2011

Masscob- Love!

Oh boy, I'm just throwing my love around these days... want to meet my latest obsession? 
I stumbled on the clothing line Masscob while flipping through last month's Lucky mag and had to look them up to have a closer peek. I was not disappointed in the least! Actually, I was completely smitten and decided that I needed to base my spring wardrobe on the looks. So I made some notes while making my shopping list! Enjoy! 
Happy Tuesday lovelies!

March 6, 2011


Hush- Angus and Julia Stone
Such a lazy, cozy Sunday- exactly what I needed. I headed down to Seattle for the day on Saturday (just because I could!)  and didn't get home till late, so getting the chance to laze around for most of the day today was delightful! 
I didn't get any shots of Seattle... I was not on the ball that morning! But I did stop by the outlets on the way back and found this adorable little duck Kate Spade umbrella and a comfy sparkle sweater from Jcrew. Getting them both for ridiculous low prices just made it even sweeter. 
Umbrella- Kate Spade, Silver Foil Sweater- Jcrew, Black LEggings- Joe Fresh
Now excuse me while I curl up with my book and go to bed at 9. I know, Rockstar! 
How was your weekend?

March 2, 2011

Girls Like You

Girls Like You- The Naked and Famous
I love how a red coat can take an otherwise plain outfit and just... bam. Step it up a level! My wrinkled blouse and jean outfit would have made quite the disappointing post had it not been for this beauty. So on a relaxed Saturday I threw it on and headed 5 min East to the canyon (hah. There's an actual canyon basically in my backyard. Still don't think I'll ever get over that!) to get some much needed outdoor photos. 
Red Coat- Costa Blanca, Skinny Jeans and Desert Boots- Winners, Blue Button Up- Zara, Brown Belt- Vintage from Mum, Silver Necklace- Gift, Long Necklace- Club Monaco
Out take time! Getting visibly frustrated with the camera man (haha sorry!) 


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