July 26, 2011

Two Against One

Two Against One- Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi
Oh, hello you! 
I was thinking of titling this post "Walking in the Sun" as that was the song I was actually listening to. But that's just cruel. Apparently it's summer, and these photos were taken in mid July, but let me assure you that the long skirt and sweater were needed. Oh yes, an umbrella was too. 

Still, walking around my local farmer's market and watching the sun set while sitting on the beach (even if cocoa and blankets are needed) is a bliss that I'm not ready to give up. 
Ecru Sweater- Urban Outfitters, Long Grey Maxi Skirt- Aritzia, Gold Sandals and Turquoise Ring- Aldo, Long Necklace- From the Earth, Short Gold Necklace- FXXI, Watch- Vintage, Wrap Bracelet- Club Monaco
I also feel that a disclosure is needed: one of my favourite people is in town this week and I knew ahead of time that there would be too many girl chats, road trips, mini adventures and laughing for me to be a consistent blogger. I know my strengths, and that is not one of them! So these posts have been written well ahead of time and scheduled, hence the possibly non-relating babble (hopefully we're now in the middle of a full blown heat wave... one can hope?) 
How has your week been?


July 22, 2011

Helena Beat

Helena Beat- Foster the People
This was what I wore last Saturday evening, simple and breezy- one of those outfits that just kind of fell together and made me feel a little silly for not thinking of it earlier! 
The glasses were an inspiration from the library card I had just gotten that morning (Yay!!), when I got back to the apartment with an over flowing arm full of books I felt quite the nerd. Which, is pretty true to form so I celebrated with these beauties and some sangria. Ole! 
Lace Blouse- Wilfred via Aritzia, Beige Wool Skirt- Banana Republic, Nude Heels- Aldo, Purple Bow Clutch- Le Chateau, Wrap Bracelet- Club Monaco, Key Necklace- Gift from A.Co 
In other exciting news one of my besties is coming out here tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited! We're going to be total tourists in the city and keeping out fingers tightly crossed for some sunny weather! 
What are your weekend plans lovelies?

July 20, 2011

Current Obsessions

Lately I've become enamoured with simple shapes and pretty colours- black, ivory and coral seem to be taking up most of my wardrobe these days, especially when paired with my favourite gold accessories!

And since finding a gorgeous pink/coral lipstick that doesn't make me feel too loud, I've happily jumped on the lipstick bandwagon!  

What are you currently loving?

July 18, 2011

If It Rains

If It Rains- Basia Bulat
I felt a little like Sandy at the end of Grease in this outfit... I swear, these jeans are painted on! I had to do a major grocery haul on the weekend and (as I have no will power when it comes to Joe) of course I stopped by the fashion isles and came across the most cheerful pants I've ever seen. Bright tomato red and skin tight. 
Actually, I didn't realize they would be so skintight until I got home and had to lie on the bed to do them up. Hmm... maybe cheerful isn't the best adjective after all. 
Ready for this? Red Jeans, Grey Silk Blouse, Nude Ballet Flats- Joe Fresh... I'm like a catalogue! 
Denim Jacket- Old Navy, Turquoise Necklace- Aldo (5 yrs ago), Polka Dot Umbrella- Kate Spade, Chain Link Bracelet- DIY
It's been quite the rainfest here in Vancouver, not cold, but definitely putting the damper on any dreamy plans of relaxing on the beach. On the bright side I'm getting extra practise at layering and am not blinding people with my whiteness in a swimsuit. (These are the only pluses I can think of...)
Here's hoping that the weather is a bit brighter on your end! 

July 12, 2011


Suitcase- Joe Purdy
 I wanted to wear a simple and comfy outfit for a day of clothes swapping, with some of my favourite Vancouver bloggers, and decided on my softest tee paired with my softest pants. Softness is what weekends are for, right? 
Not feeling happy being too comfy though, I just kept piling on the accessories. A bracelet here, ring there...suddenly every appendage was fancied up! Apparently, accessories are the key to happiness. 
Green Tee and Black Espadrille Wedges- Gap, Beige Carrot Pants- Aritzia, Brown Belt and Grandfather Watch- Vintage, Wrap Bracelet- Club Monaco, Turquoise Ring- Aldo, Gold Bead Necklace- Target
I'll put up a post soon about the clothes swap, but needless to say it was such a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon (which ended up going into evening... so much to talk about and share!). 

Photo credit goes to the ever patient Veronika of Girl and Closet! 

July 10, 2011

Word of the Week


For items and where to buy click here!

I'm quite the book worm, happily spending many evenings curled up working my way through a good thick novel. This has led to a decent comprehension of words... but has not improved my pronunciation in the least! Seriously

One word that has been cropping up for years in various books is insouciance; and while I figured out what it meant I've never used it... if I were to take a stab at it last week I probably would've said ins-ooce-eance. Not pretty, people.  But thankfully there's a handy thing called the internet which set me straight. And insouciance sums up very nicely what I need to feel right now, last week drained me emotionally, plus it's summer and if ever there was a time to be carefree and light-hearted it's now! 


July 9, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

I drew the winner of the Perricone giveaway on Thursday but then this week just kicked my butt and I'm only getting a chance to announce it now! 
But here we go...
Natasha has the blog Required to be Inspired and she's a fellow BC girl who happened to go to the same college as me (does that make us sisters?? Probably.) so I was quite excited when I saw that she won the $150 Super by Dr. Perricone e-gift card!
Hope you're enjoying your weekend! 

July 5, 2011

Winding Road

Winding Road- Bonnie Somerville
Can I let you in on a secret? I feel like a total ballerina in these heels (which is what I strive for each day, obvs) so I've been living in them as of late, they're also comfier than pointe shoes. win-win! 
And when all you feel like doing is air drying your hair, living in your comfiest denim and recuperating from an exhausting week it's nice to know you can still put up the pre tense that you've tried. 
Denim Jacket- Old Navy, White Cami- J.Crew, Blush Pleated Skirt- Zara, Black Espadrille Wedges- Gap, Gold Necklace- FXXI, Turquoise Ring- Aldo
I'm also so in love with this tutu-esque skirt, I saw it a few months ago in Zara but passed it by, and then happily came across it on sale a few weeks ago. Lately, I've been trying to learn to be more patient... and this seems like a pretty awesome reward! 

p.s You've got two days left to enter the Perricone Giveaway! Woo! Head over and get yourself entered!

July 2, 2011

Back Down South

Back Down South- Kings of Leon
Oh man guys, a week? Really?? My mind has been in a million places lately and I completely forgot to update! 
So here I am trying to make it up to you by wearing the sweetest outfit I could think of- a high bun, and a double shot of pink on top. It could only be sweeter if I was wearing my tutu skirt as well, but I really don't think I'd go outside in that outfit...
I don't normally go for colours so bright, I usually find that they completely overpower my colouring, but I feel like stepping outside of my comfort zones. And after seeing neons on so many other people I bit the bullet when I found this pretty little shirt on the sale rack and in my size (kismet!) 
Pink Silk Blouse- Le Chateau, Skinny Jeans- Winners, Purple Suede Belt- American Apparel, Black Espadrille Wedges- Gap, Blush Necklace and Gold Necklace- FXXI, Random Bangle
And now it looks like the sun might have actually made a rare appearance here so I'm going to pack up a picnic and head down to the beach, there are definitely some perks to living on the West Coast! 
Hope you're all having a lovely weekend too- a big (and belated!) Happy Canada day to all my fellow Canucks and Happy July 4th to the Americans! 

p.s Have you had a chance to enter the Perricone Skincare Giveaway yet? Get yourself entered and cross your fingers! 


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