February 27, 2010

Again and Again

Augh! I've been staring at my computer for days now...and not in the fun "oooo look at this street style! ooo I want that dress!" kind of way. This is the "forecast your first 2 years sales analysis" kind of way. Believe me, not nearly as fun! But I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, soon I'll be booking clients and styling my butt off!

I'm actually cheating with this outfit today, I wore it yesterday...shhhh don't tell! Currently I'm sporting an uber stylish ensemble of jeans and my favorite AA hoodie! I've been in and out of Home Depot all day and installing kitchen cabinets, so I made an executive decision this a.m. to opt for function over fashion. Sometimes a girl has to be reasonable!

I'm a sucker for preppy styles, as much as I try to mix things up and bring out my inner grunge I usually feel most comfortable looking like I'm about to hop on my pony (which I don't have). That whole prep-school, english-rose type thing, I guess it's in my blood. So put me in a beige sweater and a blue button down and I'm happy! I also LOVE this necklace, I should've taken a close-up of it, the shades of grey vary and it just makes me smile when I look at it!

Sweater: J Crew
Shirt: Gap
Leggings: Le Chateau
Boots: Aldo
Necklace: Accessorize
Belt: Vintage

Also, I've been trying to do the Alexander Wang braid for a while now...it's hard! I have fairly long hair but with all the layers the braid just slowly falls out and after an hour I'm left looking a bit mad! Not quite the cool, easy look I was hoping to achieve! Does anyone have any suggestions??


February 24, 2010

Such Great Heights

So I had a very distinguished older gentleman ask me today what I plan to do in life. It was point blank. He asked it nicely mind you, but there were none of the usual niceties that precede a question like this (why is it that older people and kids can get away with bluntness? I'm way too chicken to be blunt!). I think I probably mumbled something like "well...I'm starting a wardrobe styling company...?". I don't think he knew what I meant by that but he also wasn't asking about my career, he meant what did I want to DO? I rambled off a few things that I knew I wanted to do but there were also things I said that I don't remember consciously thinking of. It's funny how you can surprise yourself sometimes! Anyways, here's the little list of things I would like to accomplish in the near future:

- Take a photography class and learn how to use more than auto shoot on this camera!
- Go back to Europe to see it more in depth
- Go to more art shows and concerts
- Smile more!
- Get my business going and rock at it!
- Take up dance again
- See my friends more (they all seem to live so far away!)
- Get my confidence back (surprisingly I'm actually quite introverted)
- Read the many books I have in my "To Be Read" pile
- Love more, laugh deeper, live braver

Now to the outfit... I only wore this for a few hours this afternoon/evening, it wasn't really appropriate for the seminar this morning! I love the mix of prints and colours going on here, it's so cheerful, and it works because the silhouette is simple and I kept the jewelery to a minimum.

Top and tights: Joe
Skirt, boots and scarf: Le Chateau
Hat: American Apparel
Necklace: From the Earth

No new developments with the business, I've been in the seminar all day, but I'm planning some awesome stuff and can't wait to start!


February 23, 2010

Last Words

Things are actually rolling! I've been in a business seminar all day, learning the ins and outs of starting a small business in MB., so I'm feeling all smart and ready to roar! There's still a lot to do, like figure out a marketing strategy, but I'm just methodically working through my list and am trying to not get bogged down.

I wanted to feel powerful today, so I'm wearing a fashion version of a suit. I love that you can look completely pulled together and yet still be comfy (I'm wearing jeans and a tee!). Also, the sun is really bright today and I wish I'd been able to get some awesome sunshiney pics outside, but I had 5 min at 7 am to snap these...so they'll have to do!

Blazer: Thrifted
Tee: American Apparel
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Aldo
Necklace: Le Chateau
Watch: Guess

Below are the proofs of my brochure, I can't seem to find the business card proof but I'll post when I do. They look fabulous in real life! Eek! Yay for following dreams! Have a wonderful day!

February 22, 2010

Monday Monday Monday

Well, I feel that I've had a very accomplished day! Things just kept working out and I was able to tie up a lot of loose ends, and still be home by 4:30! Being home so early meant that I was able to finish up my Inspiration Board that has been occupying my coffee table for the better part of a week. It's looking great and I feel very...inspired! I'll post some pics of it tomorrow before I try to explain what it looks like.

I've noticed the severe lack of prints in my wardrobe and have been itching to go out and buy a plethora of crazy patterns and colors (the talk of spring always does this to me). But what with starting a business and all I'm not really able to go and blow the mortgage payment on fancy florals! So, I grabbed as many prints as I could from the closet this a.m. and started pairing them together. This linen-esque skirt, stripey top and leopard print scarf were the winners. I had the good intentions to go a big wilder but just felt comfy in this, maybe when the snow stops falling I'll bust out some plaid and floral combo!

Sweater: Joe
Top: Le Chateau
Skirt: Urban
Leggings: Old Navy
Boots: Aldo
Scarf: Le Chateau
Locket: Also
Watch: Guess

I have the business cards in my hand now and I'm picking up the brochures tomorrow. I'll have to give them their own post as I'm completely in love with them! I'm so glad I got a professional to whip them up rather than trying to do it myself. No one's good at everything but everyone's good at something, right? I'll stick to dressing people up and making them look fab!


p.s check out the mountain of snow in my backyard! And more is still falling! What's this things called spring, and when does it start?

February 20, 2010

Learning to Fly

Wow, you have to love a lazy Saturday! I'm used to having a huge list of "Things To Do" that I woke up this morning and was all ready to tackle it when I realised that there really wasn't much to do (except for a long over-due oil change...but that can wait a bit longer, right?). So I've had a very nice day lounging around, finishing last night's chips and dip, having one too many cups of tea and working on the finishing touches of my business plan.

However, I did drag myself up to get dressed. I'm not really used to not having a work dress code...but I'm kinda liking it! Now I look in my wardrobe and think about my mood and who I want to be that day. Today it was girly and fun, hence the purple swing dress with roses! It feels almost like cheating because it's so comfy though!

Jacket: Thrifted
Dress: Le Chateau
Tights: Joe
Boots: Aldo
Scarf: Ralph Lauren
Ring: ?? (this is also my punk ring, which my friends seem to find hilarious as I have zero ounces of punk in me! I love the ring though!)
Cuff: Aldo Accessories

On a side note, I broke both my laptop and phone the other night. boo! I'm doing reno's to the basement in my house and conveniently dropped my phone in a can of blue paint. It looks pretty now, but I'm not holding out too much hope that it will last! The lap top is really what I'm sad about, it's my little macbook and I've had it since College. Luckily I had just backed it up, so things definitely could've been worse. Keep your fingers crossed that it will be ok!


February 18, 2010

Hard Headed Woman

Apparently there is ice fog outside...I'm not quite sure what that is, but it's a little gloomy looking. To combat this I'm wearing a bright coral sweater (one can hope that the brightness will attract the sun back soon!) I'm also in love with this hat. Jane, of SeaofShoes fame, bought it in the fall and when I saw her wear it I fell in love! It has that awesome 70's hippy feel, but without the patchouli stench.


Sweater: JCrew
T- Shirt: Gap Boyfriend Tee
Jeans: Gap
Shows: Nine West
Hat: American Apparel
Necklace: Aldo
Belt: Gap

Brochures for the business are being printed today and I have found out that there are no other "Louise Turner Wardrobe Stylist"s in the province, so good news all around! I've decided that the first day will be March 1st, 2010...yay! Now I'm finishing up the business plan and getting all my duck's in a row.

February 11, 2010

Back In Your Head

So here we go, first post. Very Exciting! First things first: the outfit. Basically it's easy and comfy, I woke up late and it's cold which always makes me opt a bit more for comfort than for wow factor (hey, it's MB...winter is COLD!). The leopard does rack it up a notch though. No outside pics today (because of the cold) but I'm going to try for some tomorrow.

Coat: Le Chateau
Top: Gap boyfriend tee
Skirt: Vintage
Leggings: American Apparel
Boots: Liz Claiborne

I got the proofs for the business cards today...they look AMAZING (caps were definitely needed there)! I literally cannot wait to hand them out. I'll post a pic when I get a chance, along with more business details as it goes. It's all very exciting though and I'm so glad I'm actually taking a leap and starting this up, it's long over due!

Stay tuned xxx


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