The Hundred

02.      Learn to speak a different language, fluently
03.      Take up dance again
04.      Paint a good painting
08.      Meet, and marry, the love of my life
09.      Travel around Ireland
10.      Take a train coast to coast across Canada
11.      Grow a vegetable garden
12.      Design and sew a beautiful dress
13.      Learn how to take good photos
14.      Take a road trip to California
15.      Watch the sunrise on a beach in New Zealand
16.      Start a family
17.      Get a dog and name him Cat Stevens
18.      Wear a red dress
19.      Go to fashion week in N.Y. 
20.      Lay on a dock and wish on every shooting star
21.      Build an awesome fort
22.      Dance at a salsa club
23.      See my name in print
25.      Bake macarons 
26.      Go to an outdoor music festival
27.      Really get to know my family
28.      Own a designer item
29.      Become comfortable in my own skin
30.      Design and build my home
31.      Go on a safari in Africa
32.      Pet a lion cub
33.      Make Christmas dinner
34.      Learn how to ride a motorcycle
36.      Go on a road trip with a friend around Italy/Tuscany
37.      Swim in an emerald pool
38.      Learn how to make prints
39.      Fly first class somewhere
40.      Visit my grandparent’s graves
41.      Hike Milford Sound
42.      Kiss in the rain
43.      Throw a surprise party
45.      Write a short story
46.      Take a gondola ride in Venice with someone I love
47.      Ski in the French alps
48.      Learn to sail
49.      Go away for a girl’s weekend
50.      Discover who I am supposed to be
51.      Read all of Jane Austen’s books
52.      Stand at the top of the empire state building
54.      Live in a foreign country for at least six months
56.      Ride on the back of a vespa in Italy
57.      Yell at the top of my lungs in the middle of nowhere
58.      Read the entire Bible
59.      Help someone truly in need
60.      Make a daisy chain
61.      Sit at the Taj Mahal under a bright moon
62.      Sing songs around a campfire with a group of friends
63.      Travel coast-coast across the States (N.Y to S.F)
64.      Throw a really good cocktail party
65.      Make a secret room
66.      Have an amazing first kiss
67.      Swim in the blue lagoon in Iceland
68.      See a show on Broadway
70.      Make bread from scratch
71.      Sing karaoke and don’t care that I’m horrible
72.      Forgive
73.      Go kayaking in Alaska
74.      Make a picnic and spend a lazy day eating it
75.      Learn calligraphy
76.      Skinny dip
77.      See the pyramids
79.      Go rock climbing
80.      Send flowers to a friend
81.      Get a job that I love
83.      Bake a pie from scratch
84.      Watch all the movies on my list
86.      Dive the great barrier reef in Australia
88.      Dance with my dad at my wedding
89.      Volunteer in a foreign country
90.      Take a long drive to the Maritimes
91.      Pet an elephant
92.      Learn how to surf
93.      Wear fancy underwear
94.      Go scuba diving through a relic
95.      Backpack around Turkey
96.      Ride in a hot air balloon
97.      Watch the sun rise on the Himalayas
98.      Get a spread published in a magazine
99.      Go on a real first date (hah true story. Being friends first doesn’t count!) Done! 2011
100.   Do something amazing to begin to pay back my wonderful parents


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