June 24, 2011


Moves- The New Pornographers
Guess who found a haaat?! (please sing that, as I just did) It's not the right hat, but it's a right now hat. My real lover hat is roughly this shape and style but a taupy brown colour. Oh, and it would actually fit my head. This one just cuts off circulation and makes a delightful red band around my head that doesn't go away. 
But it's cute and it was only $2 at the local thrift store, so it will tide me over till I can find my true love. 
Floral Dress- H&M, Brocade Scarf- Picked up in my travels...somewhere?, Wood Platform Heels- Pierre Hardy for Gap, White Felt Panama Hat- Thrifted, Grandpa Watch- Vintage, Silver Bracelet- Gift, Hex Nut Bracelet- DIY!
I'm back from Toronto today, after a week away, and then it's a quick sleep at home before flitting off on a road trip to Kelowna for my sister's grad. Oh the life of a Canadian jet-setter is so glam! 
I'm so proud of my sister though, she's been in school since she was 4 and has always set the bar so high, so I'm thrilled that I get to celebrate with her at the end. Plus, I really don't think I've met any people who throw a better/wilder party than doctors. True fact. (also a scary one!) 
Hope your week is just as much fun! 

p.s don't forget to enter the Perricone Skin Care giveaway! 

June 23, 2011

Perricone Giveaway! Get SUPER with Chia Seeds Health Benefits

Wanna be super? (More so than you already are that is!) Well, Perricone is giving away a product from their Super by Nicholas Perricone line worth up to $150 to one of my readers! 

The products are all loaded up on antioxidants and use crazy smart science and super foods, plus the packaging is just so darn cute, so you can't pass this up!
The details:
1. Head over to the Super By Nicholas Perricone website and check out their products, then just pop back here and leave a comment saying which product you'd like if you win! (personal faves are the O-Mega Moisture, with chia seeds health benefits, and the Night Recharge with sea algae skin care)

2. Be a follower of Fifth Sparrow, either by Google Reader or Bloglovin'

3. Sorry, it's only open to Canada or U.S. residents

And that's it! Just be sure that you give me a way to get ahold of you if you're the lucky winner, which will be drawn randomly on Thursday, July 7th. 
Good luck lovelies! 

June 20, 2011


Sydney- Brett Dennen
Have you guys heard this song? It's the most happy-go-lucky summer song I've heard this year- I get this ridiculous goofy smile on my face and start wiggling every time I hear it... this doesn't look street cool, but it's fun! Plus, this song has THE BEST language. I quote: "They're only a couple of crazy cougars". Oh my, this needs to be added to my lexicon, now! 
Blue Tank- French Connection (6 years ago. Yes people, 6!), Black Wool Shorts- H&M, Orange Peep-toe Flats- Aldo, Straw Clutch- Vintage, Necklace- Marc Jacobs, Chain Link Bracelet- DIY (right herrrr) 
I'm in Toronto this week for work, so these photos are appearing as if by magic (I pre-scheduled them).
I was having a blast bringing out all the clothes that I hadn't seen in half a year and came across this tank that I bought when I was 18 and went to Europe by myself, needless to say it brings back so many happy memories. And these neon flats? I've had them for 5 years, only worn them 3 times (super uncomfortable), but still don't feel guilty because they were $3. That's $1/wear, less than a coffee... it's all in the justifications. 
I hope your Monday is a happy one, you crazy cougar, you! 

June 16, 2011

DIY Time! Fancy Friendship

I think I've become obsessed with making stuff. It's the most rewarding feeling to look at something you've created, especially if you actually like it, and know that you put it together. It might be something small like braiding thread around a chain, or something big like assembling a bookcase and not crying//punching a hole in the wall in the process. Either way- Awesome. 
So when I saw this DIY Tutorial from Honestly...WTF I knew I had to try it. The embroidery thread was the easy part to track down, the chain link bracelet- not so much, apparently mainstream finds them "gaudy" (which I did too, up until I wanted one for this DIY). I ended up finding a chainlink necklace in Ardene's, keeping it classy naturally, and decided the bracelet would become a wrap one (with a tail).
Now, I'm no teacher, and since I would just be butchering the clear and easy-to-follow instructions that Lauren and Erica put together I'm just going to direct you over there if you want to see how I did this. It really wasn't hard, a little more tricky than the hex nut bracelet, but I finished mine in about an hour and it would've been less had I been able to find an actual chain link bracelet. 
I'm quite happy with it, the perfect pop of cheerful colour to add to basic outfits, plus it doubles as a friendship bracelet for classy adults. Guess what my besties are getting in their stockings this year! ;)

June 14, 2011

Wish You Were Here!


Fat Face shirts blouse, $40
Summer blouse, $98
Zara safari jacket, $159
Striped skirt, $66
Madewell cotton shorts, $65
Zara neon high heels, $100
Leather handbag, $180
Aldo jewelry, $18
TopShop oversized cocktail ring, $28
Metal bracelet, $28
Wendy Mink metal earrings, $120
ANNIE wide belt, $89
Panama hat, $175
Thierry Lasry vintage round sunglasses, $375
Essie Trend Collection 15ml, $17

So my awesome friend S. is quite the World traveller and I have decided that I need to live vicariously through this girl. She's just flown the coop to spend some time in Peru, you know, being all cool and such hiking Machu Picchu... augh. I might be too jealous to even finish this paragr

Anyway, I wasn't able to snoop through her packing because she lives some 2500 kms away, but I decided to put together a post of what I would pack should I ever get up the courage to finish my Hundred Bucket list. And, obviously, I am an awesomely practical packer- the four inch Zara heels just scream "serious hiker" :)

 The bright colours, prints and beading are so perfect for this summer, even if I spend it in the decidedly less exotic Vancouver, especially when paired with the rugged more utilitarian pieces. It's that lovely juxtaposition of looks that just seems to work seamlessly. 

June 13, 2011

Let's Cross Over

Hey guys! 
I'm guest blogging over at Maritime Shopaholic for Chelsea while she's off being a beautiful blushing bride and a very smitten newlywed! 
I couldn't be happier for her, she's such a lovely girl- so stylish, sincere and sweet (darn right that's an alliteration!) and I was so happy when she asked me to join her lovely group of guest bloggers. Head on over to her blog to check out the rest of my post and her wonderful blog!

June 11, 2011


Apartment- Young The Giant

For those of you not living in your local Ikea store's, that means Hi in Sweden. Aren't you glad I learnt something while stocking up the new apartment? Apparently I have mad skills- I assembled the bookcase behind me and learned a new language, sure... it's only one word, but if I ever go to Sweden I'll at least be friendly!
Also, I'm still crushing on long skirts, especially when they're my mum's from 30+ years ago. Since moving to Vancouver I'd been living out of a suitcase, hunting down a place that suited me enough to call home. Well I finally found a new little apartment that suits me quite nicely and my parent's were sweet enough to drive out my furniture. I've spent the past week moving, unpacking and having it feel like Christmas when stumbling on forgotten treasures. Such as this skirt. My mum wore it when she was my age and was a tanned, beach goddess... sadly I'm quite a few shades lighter than her, but the skirt still makes me feel all '70's and beachy. 
Skirt- Vintage, Stripe Shirt- H&M, White Wedge Sandals- Aldo, Turquoise Necklace- Gift, Wrap Bracelet- Club Monaco
Now guys, I hate to get all serious on you, but I have some shocking findings to share. It may be hard to hear, so you might want to sit down- I'll wait....
Ok. After a gruelling trial the results are in.
 It's a scientific fact that people (me) go a little crazy without internet for 10 days. You don't believe me, do you? Well, below is the proof. 
Scary, right!? 
Thankfully this girl's new apartment was brought into the current century yesterday morning, and she couldn't be happier! Here's to more posts, surfing, and Animals Talking with British Accents Youtube Videos. Yay!

June 4, 2011

The Golden Age

The Golden Age- The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
Since moving out west, one of the things I’ve missed most has been the blogger/fashion meet-ups I used to have with my lovely friends Brooke and Monique. It was always so refreshing and inspiring to chat with fellow bloggers who get how much time and dedication goes into our “hobbies”. Plus, it didn't hurt that we usually had a good glass of wine and awesome food to keep us company!

So imagine my delight in finding an even larger group of fashion bloggers out here in Vancouver. Each one with their own voice, style and lovely little quirks! We met up for a picnic in Stanley park last Sunday, during one of Vancouver’s first sunny days, and spent many hours chatting, eating and basically all getting girl-crushes on each other! 
At the meet-up there was Cara of A Fashion Love Affair

Alexandra of To Vogue or Bust
Cee of Coco and Vera, also our coordinator- so major props to her for such a great job!
Veronika of Girl & Closet
Mina of Faboulista
Wearing- Chambray Button Up- American Eagle, Gray Maxi Skirt- Aritzia, Wood Platforms- Pierre Hardy for Gap, Leather Wrap Bracelet- H&M, DIY Bracelet- Right here!
These girls are awesome- smart, funny, and stylish... you'd kinda want to hate them, if they weren't so nice! I can't wait for our blogger date, it sounds like it's going to be pretty awesome! 
Blogging can be a pretty independent world, and, being a social person, this can drive me a little crazy. But after our picnic I was brimming with inspiration and couldn’t wait to tweak the blog and post new photos… too bad my internet company decided to forget to send me a modem. Hmph. It’s been a week sans internet, keep your fingers crossed the darn thing shows up on Monday!
p.s GO CANUCKS GO!!!! 

June 2, 2011

40 Day Dream

40 Day Dream- Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes
Guys, I'm starting to lose it. I've been without internet at home for 4 days... I'm driving my local Starbucks crazy and I'm pretty sure my colleagues are tired of my complaining. I'm so out of sorts that I don't even feel like taking outfit shots. I KNOW. We've reached rock bottom. 

Ok, there might be a bit of sarcasm in that. It's really not that bad, just a bit of an adjustment. I'm still pretty sure I'm driving my colleagues crazy... but for totally unrelated issues. :) 
IMG_8984 copy
Beige Shawl- Le Chateau, Black Jeans- Gap, Black Cami- FXXI, Gold Necklace- Target, Purple Belt- American Apparel, Peep Toe Flats- Anne Klien via Winners, DIY Bracelet- Make one too! Then we could pretend they're friendship bracelets! 
When my sister was here a few weeks ago I hijacked her and made her be my personal photographer, so we set up a studio in my old apartment's kitchen (which basically meant that we threw a pashmina over the table. Skills.) But then I couldn't decide what to wear, at all. We were heading over to a friend's house and I was totally out of inspiration. In the end I figured what's easier than a black and beige outfit with flats? Plus, I even got told that night that I looked like I worked in fashion (I don't.) so I guess it was a success!


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