October 6, 2011

Chances Are

I think I'm going to start defining it as "when you wear something that just happens to be in a colour you're studying at school". Or, I'll just keep it as fate. We'll see.
It was pretty perfect timing to wear this gorgeous skirt during our colour theory classes, never underestimate the power of being a walking visual aid! 
Royal Blue Skirt- Borrowed from Cee at Coco & Vera (similar), Beige Sweater- Old Navy (similar), Grey Felt Hat- American Apparel (similar), Grey Suede Pumps- Nine West, Black Studded Belt- Gap, Wrap Bracelet- Club Monaco
As soon as I laid eyes on this gorgeous skirt of Cee's I pounced, I was swept off my feet by the colour and flow. Completely gorgeous!
And it's just as much fun as it seems to wear it, and surprisingly versatile. Plus it gave me an excuse to wear my coziest new sweater and favourite floppy hat, so it's lived up to all of my high expectations!


  1. Love the skirt! Such a beautiful blue, good thing you 'pounced' on it, it looks adorable on you!
    Bella xo

  2. that blue skirt is so beautiful on you. love the calming bright colors.

    kisses from kaitlin

  3. Love the look...especially the hat!!!


  4. This looks soo perfect...sometimes the perfect outfit only takes a few pieces...this is something I tend to forget :(

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  5. gorgeous!!! such a beautiful outfit :)

  6. Sorry but... I'm stealing your hat. That is all. <3

  7. Okay, let's talk for a minute. First of all, I obviously need my skirt back ASAP because why did I never think of pairing with a sweater?? It's perfect! I steal this idea immediately :) Also, the hat. I have one that is almost exactly the same and yet it flops in a ridiculous fashion and never seems to sit right. Do you have a secret? If so, please share, I'm desperate and considering getting rid of mine because it just won't sit right.

    The point of that mini-rant was that you look absolutely stunning in these photos. Big plus that you got to be the visual aid in colour theory!

  8. I absolutely love this Louise! I'm so stealing that skirt for next time, it's so so beautiful. I love the way you styled everything, it's so 50s/70s chic. So stylish but super wearable. Hope you're having a good week so far lovely :)

    Alex xoxo

  9. Louise,

    alright there little lady first things first....YOU are def not the pits! although when i read that i had a giggle, you certainly don't need to worry with me about visits and stuff. i always understand and never think anything other than how awesome to see you! plus, i'm usually so tied up with things that i've lost track of time and don't get around as much as i'd like either. it's ALL good!

    now then.........we are super in sync, i just posted today wearing a hat too and not just any ol' thing but YOURS!!! today is my 1st swap show and gosh i loved wearing your pieces, thanks again for bringing them along.

    how rad about this color theory and the way it's subliminally made its way into your ensemble. you look darling as can be! Cee's skirt with the feather grey sweater and felted beauty looks smashing on you lades. sweetly stylized look that absolutely takes me away with its charm.

    anytime you've got a GD q just let me know, i'd be happy to talk shop with ya : )

    happy Friday, yah weekend and hope it's not too filled with homework for you too! xoox ♥

  10. Lovely outfit! That hat looks great on you!

  11. Love that bold blue skirt, and it looks fantastic paired with the cozy knit-love how you belted the look as well...you look so chic!
    Happy Friday!
    xo Cara

  12. How funny you were a class example! It is a great color though & love the pairing w/ grey. I know this post is old but hopefully you see this- best wishes for the start of 2012 : )

  13. Lovely outfit dear! Congrats for your blog, it's so cool! I'm your newest follower and I wanted to invite you to follow me back at: http://www.ladyfairy-scloset.blogspot.com/
    I hope you will! XOXO
    - Ladyfairy


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