December 6, 2010

Crash Into Me

Crash Into Me: Dave Matthews Band

So if you guys follow me on Twitter (and really you should as I post ONLY important, need-to-know information that will enhance your life and those around you. *sarcasm) you will have witnessed my sheer ecstasy when I stumbled across the most perfect House of Harlow black riding boots last week while in Vancouver. And get this, they were 65% off and only left in my size. Fate. 
Naturally I snapped them up, ran to the counter, changed into them right away (they completed my outfit perfectly!) and then floated around the city in a state close to bliss. (then I got some nasty blisters...)
I've been living in them since; they're a gorgeous soft black and so clean, simple and classic. Mostly I love the fishtail-type detail on the back calf- its so fun and unexpected- which amps up the boot perfectly. 

Beige Shawl and Black Leggings: Le Chateau, Grey Tee: American Apparel, Black Riding Boots: House of Harlow, Grey Flower Necklace: Accessorize, Grey Socks: Dollarama, Black Strap Watch: Guess

Also, I'm completely obsessed with my new fluorescent lavender nail polish. Just today I have been told by different people that it's "interesting", "gaudy", and "very you"(haha) - but I kinda don't care. It makes me smile and I love it with grey, which coincidentally makes up about 40% of my wardrobe (fyi: 40% is also beige!).
What nail colour are you crushing on currently??


  1. 65% off makes me weep with JOY!! those boots are awesome Louise!!


  2. Dont you love when you meet the perfect pair of boots!! I love that nail polish, I actually love grey nail polish. Unfortunately, work cause it to chip immediately which makes me hardly ever paint my nails :(


  3. Anonymous7.12.10

    Oooh I love your boots. PLEASE wear them tomorrow! As for nail polish...well according to the state of my nails right now, I'm totally crushing on ugly chipped red polish. Ugh! I need acetone asap! xx

  4. Anonymous7.12.10

    im your 100th follow me back then..thanks..

  5. those boots are pretty amazing!! :D quite perfect for the season :D

    Animated Confessions

  6. I have been totally digging the peek a boo socks and boots. Looks great! Nail Polish? I think I prefer light colors. but I did do the lavender/grey last year and it was fantastic!

  7. You've inspired me to peep my socks out of my boots! Fabulous! xo

  8. These boots are gorgeous! Sheer fate! And I love that you are wearing grey socks with them (also still love that these are dollarama socks lol why have I not yet gone there to check??). I am so nail polish crazy lately and I am loving the purples and deep reds right now! :)



Thanks for all your lovely comments, they never fail to make my day! xx


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