December 14, 2010

Skinny Love

Skinny Love- Bon Iver
I think there's a direct correlation with between drops in temperatures and increases in layers worn. Whenever the mercury dips annoyingly close to -30ÂșC the amount of my wardrobe that gets to see daylight increases drastically. Funny that. 
So while I was manically (and ruthlessly) cleaning out my closet I stumbled on this ancient faux fur collar. Another layer! And one I had been lusting after too- I love when that happens! I bought the beauty way back in 2003 during a trip and then felt that it was too "mature" for me, or something, and it promptly fell into the depths of my closet. Since rediscovering it it's been one of my favourite layers. Maybe the drop in temperatures isn't such a bad thing after all... :)

Faux Fur Collar: Ricki's (...I think??), Cream Sweater: Urban Outfitters, Black Chiffon and Lace Dress: American Apparel, Black Equestrian Boots: House of Harlow, Brown Leather and Faux Fur Gloves: Naf Naf, Purple Tights: Marks and Spencers

I finished my Christmas shopping today (woo!), cleaned, did laundry, puppy sat and had a lovely lunch date with an awesome friend. A pretty successful day off I'd say, and now I get to curl up in front of my Christmas tree with a glass of wine and sketch to my heart's content. Mmmhmm... bliss. 
What's your favourite thing to do on a cold winter night?


  1. That fur collar looks super warm....if I could steal it from you I would because the temperatures in Pennsylvania have really dropped! I'm cozying up on the couch soon to watch Carnivale.

  2. I think im gonna have to break down and just make my own faux fur collar! I can't find one anywhere! I like the hint of fur on your gloves too.

    Favourite thing to do on a cold night? Get in tons of blankets and watch coronation street! haha


  3. Oh, I missed your posts! Glad you are back! I hear you on the layers, I find it amusing how many ways we attempt to be warm once the weather is that cold! Speaking of which, if you have a Winners near you, I found fleece lined tights there for $10!! SO warm. I'm both happy and sad, because I just ordered a pair on shopbop a couple weeks ago for $40. And now they're at winners for $10. But, now I have two pairs! This might seem like a big random paragraph, but I'm just guessing that since you like to wear skirts & dresses and dislike freezing your butt off, fleece lined tights might be exciting to you! Ha! They are Luxe Tights Via Spiga. Heaven. AND, speaking of tights - I'm digging these purple ones! Lovely! Okay - done now, promise. xo.

  4. hurray for finishing xmas gift shopping!! :D

    love the fur collar!!! adds a bit of class and sophistication to any outfit! :D

    Animated Confessions

  5. What a great find and in your own closet! It matches your gloves too...absolutely adorable and definitely not too mature now.

  6. Lovely outfit!
    Just found out about you and enjoyed the blog a lot! Specially the hundred list! Fabulous!
    best regards from BArcelona and Merry Xmas!!!!

  7. Beautiful fur collar. It looks so warm and perfect to wear on a blustry winter day.

    Congrats on getting all of your Christmas shopping done lucky girl! I'm still hopelessly fighting to finish mine...

  8. Those gloves are divine darling!! Perfect combo with the faux collar!! So jealous you're done your shopping! I always have a couple in the last few days but i'm not stressed! lol.

    happy weekend love! <3



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