July 10, 2011

Word of the Week


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I'm quite the book worm, happily spending many evenings curled up working my way through a good thick novel. This has led to a decent comprehension of words... but has not improved my pronunciation in the least! Seriously

One word that has been cropping up for years in various books is insouciance; and while I figured out what it meant I've never used it... if I were to take a stab at it last week I probably would've said ins-ooce-eance. Not pretty, people.  But thankfully there's a handy thing called the internet which set me straight. And insouciance sums up very nicely what I need to feel right now, last week drained me emotionally, plus it's summer and if ever there was a time to be carefree and light-hearted it's now! 



  1. haha that's awesome, I wouldn't have known how to say it either! I think I might have to put it into my vocab now. Love love love the mint green!!!

  2. I need another pleated skirt like I need another hole in my head... But I am now seriously contemplating adding the jardin skirt to my J. Crew cart, because it's adorable. Especially with those mint green pumps (which, by the way, are already in my J. Crew cart- but who would be surprised by that?)

  3. I love this inspiration board. I want every item but especially the lace top and the peach skirt! And thanks for adding another word to my vocabulary! lol.

  4. love all of these picks!!

  5. I want it all!!
    That lace top is AMAZING!! I can not wait to get my shop on!! (I'm on Vacation, which means I'm not stuck in the middle of nowhere with no shopping)


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