July 18, 2011

If It Rains

If It Rains- Basia Bulat
I felt a little like Sandy at the end of Grease in this outfit... I swear, these jeans are painted on! I had to do a major grocery haul on the weekend and (as I have no will power when it comes to Joe) of course I stopped by the fashion isles and came across the most cheerful pants I've ever seen. Bright tomato red and skin tight. 
Actually, I didn't realize they would be so skintight until I got home and had to lie on the bed to do them up. Hmm... maybe cheerful isn't the best adjective after all. 
Ready for this? Red Jeans, Grey Silk Blouse, Nude Ballet Flats- Joe Fresh... I'm like a catalogue! 
Denim Jacket- Old Navy, Turquoise Necklace- Aldo (5 yrs ago), Polka Dot Umbrella- Kate Spade, Chain Link Bracelet- DIY
It's been quite the rainfest here in Vancouver, not cold, but definitely putting the damper on any dreamy plans of relaxing on the beach. On the bright side I'm getting extra practise at layering and am not blinding people with my whiteness in a swimsuit. (These are the only pluses I can think of...)
Here's hoping that the weather is a bit brighter on your end! 


  1. Love the new header, it looks amazing! Great pants, love the bright color
    xo Cara

  2. Rain can be funny and this is the prove! Great look, so positive and cute!

  3. Cute look :)


  4. Hmm, it must be something about red pants, because mine are super tight as well. They look fantastic on you though, and I love how you've paired them with denim, gray and a touch of turquoise!

  5. your umbrella is pure magic <3

  6. I love what you've done with your blog, Louise! I can see you're starting to practise your graphic designs skills already and you have a serious knack for it- that portrait is amazing. I'm a complete sucker for Joe, too. I can never resist it when when I go into Superstore, but the nice thing is, everything is so inexpensive. I've actually been hunting for a great pair of red pants and these look amazing on you (although perhaps a bit tighter than I would like... I tend to wear my clothes, um, roomy, for lack of better word. You know, because I like to eat large pieces of cake at random.) And I love that you wore a turquoise necklace with them. The contrast is gorgeous!

  7. Daw' what an absolute cutie you are! Even in the rain ;)

    And I love what you've done to your blog! It looks absolutely wonderful ❤

  8. great outfit! those pants are awesome!

  9. Love the color of your pants! And yes fashion isn't always so comfortable!

  10. I love your blog! it's so simple and stylish :)


  11. Love those pics <3.

    Sadie x


  12. Love this outfit, perfect for the weird Vancouver weather we've been having. Those red jeans are to die for! And gotta love Joe Fresh. I may just have to grab myself a pair!

    Xo Chelle

  13. I love the bright pants...definitely make the outfit!
    Your blog is so cute and your style is adorable!




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