June 11, 2010


So first off, I built a deck today (well, my dad helped but still... kind of proud of myself!) I also made some cut-off shorts.. INSTEAD OF BUYING A NEW PAIR! Sorry, I'm feeling super proud right now and had to gloat. I'm done now. :)

This is such a comfy little dress, obviously it's perfect for summer but seeing as Manitoba decided to have summer in April I had to put on my handy cardigan and tights again. Still cute, but not as floaty as this dress should be. I also wanted to rough up the florals again so I used the studded belt and cuff, and then a sturdy pair of T-straps to ground it all. 

Dress: Kismet
Cardigan: Thrifted
Shoes and Cuff: Aldo
Belt: Gap
Tights: Joe
The fair is in town this week, which means rides, mini-donuts, cotton candy and fireworks! Because I'm a 5 year old trapped in an adult's body I'm super excited about going and already have my ticket! I plan on soaking up all the fair fun (even if that means standing outside in long lines while it pours...) and I'm hoping to win some ginormous stuffed animal and gain at least 5lbs. in fair food! I hope everyone else has an awesome weekend too! 

Lovely: Seeing water beads on leaves. I don't know why, but this makes me smile. A lot. :) 


  1. For some reason I never wear grey (maybe because I don't own any)...but seeing it on you makes me want some!!
    I'm so jealous that you get to go to the fair..last year when it was in town I was preggo so I couldn't go on any rides..and this year we were out of town...ugh!!
    PS. I gave you a blog award

  2. you rock that outfit, girl! so dang cute. :)

  3. I feel like I have this exact same dress in green, only it's a different brand! I haven't worn it yet, was waiting for a.) warmer weather and b.) new shoes to arrive in the mail! happy to see that it looks awesome with a caridgan and tights, too!! love dresses that can span the seasons!

  4. Chanting: show us the deck! show us the deck!


    GOOD GIRL!!!!! You built a deck (dads are the best!!) and made your own cut offs! ATTA GIRL!!!

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

    PS - loooove that necklace you won in your previous post! AWESOME!!

  5. aaahhh carnival food!!! corn dogs, donuts, lemonade!!! love it!

    i absolutely love your outfit!!! i think you were able to stay chic amidst our very rainy weather!! :D

    animated confessions

  6. Nice! Decks are great.

    You look so pretty in the picture by the window. It's my favorite.


  7. Yay for building a deck (not a small feat;) and making your own jean shorts! Accomplishments always mke you feel good :) Very cute dress.

    I love carnivals! There is one coming to my area around 4th of July I am so excited to go to!

  8. Nice outfit and lovely Pictures :)

  9. wow, you're a handy-girl, huh?? i just told my boyfriend to figure out how to be a handy man :) if he doesnt get that.. can you help me put up some shelves? haha. love this dress!

  10. This is such a happy dress. Indeed, perfect for the summery weather, too, and I adore raindrops on leaves. XX

  11. i love your outfit! its so ready for spring. :D

  12. That dress is so beautiful on you! I love the way you "toughened" it up too.


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