June 8, 2010

Sweet Darlin'

Silly weather. It's still overcast and gloomy, I think we had more Sun in April than in May and June combined! But I have my pretty dress, and a sweater to make it weather appropriate so we're all good! I love how this belt just adds the right amount of tough to this super girly outfit (3 bows!) and makes me feel slightly less like a 12 year old girl! 

Dress: BB Dakota
Sweater and Belt: Gap
Shoes: Joe
Headband: Smart Set
Necklace: Self Made

I went to the lake this past weekend (well, not MY lake (us Manitobans get very proprietary about our lakes!) but it was still pretty sweet) and fully enjoyed myself despite the rain and chill. It even cleared up enough on Saturday night for a campfire with.... dum dum dum... Banana Boats! I'm drooling again just thinking about their banana, chocolate and marshmallow gooey goodness! I brought my camera with me but, as usual, I forgot to take any photos. Geesh! 

Also, to all my American readers: Seriously, Ben & Jerry's ice cream is only $2.50 down there?!!? WTH? It's $7 here in Canada so I rarely let myself splurge and buy it. Needless to say when I saw the price I grabbed 3 tubs and am now fully prepared to enjoy tonight (just kidding, it will hopefully last me at least a week!)
Lovely: Eating icing straight from the mixing bowl as second breakfast! Don't worry, it's a cream cheese icing so it's healthy... right?

p.s Just realized how much food I talk about in this post. Bahaha what can I say, I really love food! 


  1. Looks really nice on you and I like the pictures :)

  2. first of, lovely photos!! the outfit you have on is so sweet and modest! the addition of the studded belt gives a hint of edge to it. :D

    i cant believe the weather here in manitoba.. it's crazy how we get sunny days and thunderstorm nights! aaaahh!

    and $2.50 ben and jerrys?! what!? so jealous!!!! so expensive here!

    Animated Confessions

  3. i love the flowered skirt (dress)--it's so pretty and i love it paired with gray.

  4. Ooh, I really love this outfit! Maybe one of my favorites of yours so far! I wouldn't have thought to put a full sweater over the dress (I always resort to cardigans) but I really like this look!! The belt is awesome, too! & I am drooling over the cream cheese icing... makes me want carrot cake!

  5. Very healthy! There is a lot of calcium in that frosting. I love licking the bowls!!

    :) Marcie

  6. I love the dress and I have never actually had Ben & Jerry's because I think its waaaay too expensive for how little ice cream they give you. It's interesting to see your point of view on it, lol :)


  7. Haha, I love food too. I could eat cream cheese frosting any time of the day, it's sooo delicious. I love this outfit, the edgy belt looks awesome with it. The weather has been so weird here too! Mostly cold and gloomy (with the exception of Saturday).


  8. Oh Louise you didn't have to bake cupcakes for our coffee date tomorrow!! I love the contrast between the girly dress and bows and the tough studded belt. It's pretty with an edge! xx

  9. thank you so much for your comment, i am one of your newest followers :)

    i love your style!


  10. Sweater over a dress? Love it! Looks just like a skirt. I've never tried Ben & Jerry's either, but it is because I have a dairy allergy.

  11. You and me both. My motto is: Live to eat, don't eat to live! Talking about food is NEVER a bad thing.

    That skirt is marvelous! I also love the lighting in your photos! :)

  12. Loving the floral print and eating icing from the bowl! (who doesn't do that?!)

  13. Oh, this is so sweet and pretty!
    You have such a lovely blog...your style is impeccable!

    Polka dot tights, floppy hats,knee socks: our taste in fashion is very similar!

    I'm so excited to begin following your blog! :)

  14. Great outfit! LOve that skirt.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog ; )

  15. haha that list picture is cute :)

  16. I really love that skirt!

  17. Such a cute outfit! Wow, I didn't realize B&J was so expensive up there! If it wouldn't get all melty, I would definitely send you some :(

  18. Your spot on with the 12 year old look, the belt brings a certain adult appeal to this pretty look.
    I'm a food talker myself:0)

  19. i love this dress/skirt!! so cute. and i cannot believe how cheap ben &jerrys is there. everything in NYC is so expensive--when i go visit my parents in FL i stock up on really weird things, like lint rollers.. haha!

  20. You are too pretty for words, my dear! I love this sweet, girly outfit -- especially the sweater over the dress. So cute. And I have a weakness for Ben and Jerry's and icing straight from the tub as well! It's honestly the worst habit ever, actually, but SO good.
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment! Yours is excellent and I can't wait for more.
    xxoo Josie

  21. Thank you so much :-*
    Love your Blog. Greetings, Luci :-*


Thanks for all your lovely comments, they never fail to make my day! xx


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