September 14, 2010

A Little Bit

A Little Bit- Madi Diaz
Yet another men's shirt has found it's way into my closet, but this time it's in the coziest flannel plaid print. Perfect for fall, and good enough to sleep in (don't judge! lol) It's definitely feeling like fall here, crisp and bright, I'm very much in love with it! Now I'm just on the hunt for the remaining things on my wish list (at right), but all the options I keep finding are beautiful, and most definitely out of my budget! Hmm... I see a very long day of thrifting in my future! 

Flannel Shirt- Bluenotes (Mens)
Jeans- Winners
Boots and Turquoise Ring- Aldo
Bag- Thrifted
Belt- Vintage
Necklace- Marc Jacobs
Anyways I'm just one big ball of happiness today (do you ever have days when things just work? Today happens to be one of mine!) I got all my errands done super early, did a bunch of work and then booked a trip to Paris!! I know!!! You should see me right now, I'm in bliss! I'm not going until November, but I'm sure I'll be talking about it so much that you will all hate me. Sorry in advance.
How is your day going?


  1. OK...totally jealous...Paris??!!!!
    I once made fun of a girl for wearing plaid flannel shirts all the time....horrible I know (me for making fun that is)...and now I think they're cute...but only when done right...(She did do it all wrong...highwaisted wranglers that didn't fit right...and horrible footwear...and this was to a company christmas party..haha)'s nice to see that some things that usually look soo wrong...can be made right!

  2. These pictures are GORGEOUS!! You look so pretty in flannel. And you've got to love a piece that's so versatile you can sleep in it.
    I'm so excited and happy for you that you're finally getting to take that trip. You deserve it!

    Are those the boots you were wearing at Starbucks the other day?? I couldn't stop staring at them! xx

  3. Love that outfit! It is perfect for autumn!! Aren't flannels the best?! I can't wait to hear all about Paris! :)

    xo M

  4. amazing ensemble!!! very well put together!!! :D i see the boots are out.. it's getting cooler, eh?

    Animated Confessions

  5. I am very much in love with your fall outfit! <3 those boots :)

  6. Paris? Fun!
    I love the tiny peak of tummy with your shirt tied up... it's no secret I love plaid.

  7. Not only do I love your outfit (plaid is synonymous with fall and so are those wonderful boots), I love that you booked a trip to Paris. I've had the worst day possible and if I could shove myself in a bottle and set out to sea I absolutely would - perhaps you could pick me up on the shore and we could explore together. After I had a shower, of course.


  8. Paris? OMG. So jealous!

    Lovely photos today and great bag!


  9. I love your outfit, especially the adorable bag!

  10. Um, okay you are so totally lucky to be going to PARIS and I'm insanely jealous! I cannot wait to hear ALL of your ramblings about it :D

    I really like your outfit, too! It seems that whenever I wear jeans I just look sloppy, but you manage to always look so put together! Your outfit really inspires me for fall and makes me want to put together some fall outfits right now...

    So glad you had an amazing day!

  11. Anonymous15.9.10

    OH MY! YAY! So amazing! I love Paris!

  12. I love how you just say it so casually...."and booked a trip to Paris"! CONGRATULATIONS! You are going to love it, and when you get back you will of course share everything with us. Those boots look marvelous...perhaps bring them! :D

  13. First of all, your dog is adorable. Second of all, I'm SO jealous of your upcoming trip. Third of all, I love this look, it's fall perfection!

  14. Wow have fun in paris! (figure thats kinda a 'duh' lol)
    Love the equestrian vibe here. That bag is great!

  15. Oh you just look perfectly gorgeous here. The red is so great on you. And I love the boots!

    Paris, yes, jealous!

    As for my day: really it has gone perfectly yet I am still in a sort of rotten mood...ah, there's no explaining women.. ;-)

    heart: miss furnellie

  16. those boots are so cute

  17. OMG YOU'RE GOING TO PARIS!!?!?! Sooooo jealous ah!!! Congrats girl, that is so amazing! Good for you!! I fully anticipate lots of trip build up and subsequent posts of fabulousness following your return.
    Outfit wise I love the plaid and skinnies...always my go-to for street chic! :)



Thanks for all your lovely comments, they never fail to make my day! xx


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