February 6, 2011


 Crossfire- Brandon Flowers
Phew! All settled in and cozy again, just a few provinces further west. So the posts will be resuming and hopefully I'll be able to be a whole lot nicer with reply's... it's amazing what having some extra time on your hands can let you do! 
And now I just have to say... Vancouver is gorgeous! I'm so so happy I made this long awaited move. For the past few days, while waiting for my internet to be hooked up, I've been exploring the city, well... as much as my annoying cold will allow me. But between the ocean, mountains and culture... I'm completely smitten.
Denim Blouse and Patterned Tights: Joe Fresh, Black Cami: Banana Republic, Black Wool Shorts: H&M, Leopard Print Scarf: Aldo, Black Boots: House of Harlow, Studded Belt: Gap
 This is my faux stylish outfit- it looks the part but is really just dead comfy. I have my trusty boots and an old denim shirt, both wardrobe staples in my book! Then, to ramp it up a bit, I put on some wool shorts, patterned tights and a leo scarf. Ta da! I look the part but can still nurse my cold! 
lots and lots of love


  1. I take it your move went well!
    You look very cute in your comfy outfit...that's one thing about Vancouver, it's usually much warmer than the rest of Canada so you can get away with shorts and tights in the middle of winter!

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  2. Ah, you look so cute! Love this outfit, and love it even more for being deceivingly comfy! So glad your move went well & that you are smitten in your new city! Hoorah! There are quite a few bloggers in Van that seem sweet as can be, maybe you will make blogger friends! PS: I meant to tell you how much your sweet comment meant to me, the 'genuine nice' comment - really, REALLY appreciate that, m'dear, and I can safely say DITTO! ;) xo.

  3. I really like the elements you've combined this outfit Louise! Extra points for being so comfy! :)


  4. I'm glad your move is finally over and you're settled in! Moving is such a pain in the butt; I've moved about 4 times so far in the past 3 years. Hopefully the weather gets a little warmer, so you can explore your new city more. Very excited to see more posts and outfits :0)

  5. Cute outfit!


  6. Yay! So glad you made it to BC safe and sound and are having a great time already!! I've never been to BC but it sounds and looks gorgeous! Excited for your posts to resume ;) Also saw you on the Joe Fresh blog today! Congrats!! :)


  7. I love it! Denim shirts are great with everything. Who knew they would be so stylish these days? Glad you are happy with the move! I'm sure it will get even better with spring and warmer weather approaching.

  8. I love this outfit - it makes me want to bust out my denim shirt! thanks for your comment on my blog, I came to visit and I'm loving yours so now following! Follow me back if you don't already?

  9. Welcome to Vancouver! I hope you like our city :) I'm lovin the blog and would love it if you followed me,I will gladly return the favour :)



  10. Cute! Love the combination of that casual denim top with that glamourous leopard-print scarf.


  11. This is the best "lounging" outfit ever!


  12. Lady, you are truly gorgeous! This outfit is for real the cutest comfy outfit I've ever seen... I sincerely wish that the girls at my school would take a cue from you and trade their ratty sweat pants in for a more appropriate and stylish comfy look like yours!

    So glad you're happy with your move, too :)

  13. Anonymous7.2.11

    Woohoo!!! So glad to hear you are all settled in Miss Turner. I'm still so excited about your big move you have no idea. I'm loving this look. The scarf, belt and patterned tights add the perfect amount of flair.

    P.S. I was looking at my books and I realized I still have The Dud Avocado! So, I'm going to read it again and then send it to you. Sorry! Or maybe I'll drive it out to you. That sounds like a much better idea ;) x

  14. Wooohoo welcome to Van :) You caught a beautiful day yesterday! Thanks for introducing me to your blog xo

  15. Love the touch of leopard! You look lovely as per usual.

    Alexandra xo



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