February 10, 2011

Young Blood

Young Blood- The Naked and Famous
I rushed home from work yesterday to get some shots while there was still a tiny chance of sunlight... well the sunlight was there, but apparently not quite enough. Still, the photos are outside and the scenery is not a beige wall. Lets call this one a success, I'll just say I'm dark and brooding! 
Mauve Sweater and Black Studded Belt- Gap, Painter Tank- Winners, Beige Skirt- Banana Republic, Black Chain Necklace, Black Peep Toes and Black Tights- Joe Fresh, Watch- Guess, Turquoise Ring- Aldo, Paisley Scarf- Smart Set
Just a simple work outfit with some pretty spring colours, this cardigan reminds me of ice cream... I really don't know why! But every time I wear it I have a mad craving for the stuff. 
Oh! Speaking of yummy food, I thought I'd share Whole Living with you guys. I found it the other day and fell in love. Being a fairly new vegetarian (a few months), I've been having trouble finding tasty, easy and healthy food and then stumbled on this magazine while in line at the grocery store (I'm such a sucker for the magazine rack!). It's totally inspired my cooking and it has some great yoga stuff too. I'll be all fit in no time! Well... just as soon as I put down this bowl of cherry garcia ice cream ;) 
Do you guys have any secret amazing magazines?


  1. This outfit is sweet, the scenery is very pretty!

    Good work :)

  2. I love the color of your sweater! So nice.


  3. You've arrived!! I've been down for the count with the flu, but girl I know for SURE that is BC...no snow!

    I live gluten-free and one of my fave magazines is Living Without. So many great ideas, recipes, products in there. I bet there's something for you, too!!


  4. Ahh the pictures look great and I'm so jealous of your snow-less-ness...is that grass I see?! Lovely outfit as usual!


  5. Love the colour palette, it's very soft and neutral but kind of edgy at the same time. Lovely outfit as always!

    Alexandra xo


  6. Anonymous12.2.11

    Cute outfit! :D

  7. I love the mixture of colors, patterns, and textures in this outfit! You my dear are a mixing queen...

    And I'm also so jealous of your beige skirt. While thrifting yesterday I found a similar one for a few bucks, but passed up on it because it didn't quite fit right. Argh, guess I'll just have to keep on searching!

  8. Loveee the post :) I wanted to invite you to follow my blog, I really appreciated your comment the other day :)



  9. The outfit and colours definitely make for a good look. It's well mixed-and-matched

  10. I really like this outfit, just nice and simple with pretty colors ;)


    PS. stop by my blog if you'd like to enter my giveaway - free shoes are always a must :)


Thanks for all your lovely comments, they never fail to make my day! xx


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