February 19, 2011

Inspiration to Outfit

I tend to keep a large (large!) file of random inspiration photos, most of the time these are outfits I like, but I've also been known to throw just about anything pretty in there as well. I like to think that inspiration can come from anything, and it makes my style more creative and personal to come up with an outfit from a more abstract inspiration photo, than a direct copy of a fashionable outfit (though, I do that as well!).

When I saw the hair at the Rodarte show I audibly gasped. So pretty! The fishtail and messy beauty of it made me think of a very stylish nomad, exactly what I feel like being this spring! Travelling the world and picking up beautifully eclectic items to create my own gorgeous vibe. mmm bliss! 


  1. I love this little collage you've made. So cute :)

  2. Omg all of those pieces are gorgeous! I will meet you halfway around the world, and we can compare our finds! If only..

  3. I love the simple addition of navajo/southwest prints! And that hair is awesome. So glad you shared. I've been rocking the high sloppy bun for the past few days, but I'm ready to let these locks down for a bit and that messy fishtail will totally rock! Would love to see more from your folder :) xx S

  4. Anonymous28.2.11

    Love all of your picks. The striped maxi and the fishtail braid - perfect!

    Lexi @ http://glitterandpearls.com


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