February 27, 2011

Rolling in the Deep

Rolling in the Deep- Adele
I don't normally talk about the songs that contribute to my post titles, but o. my. I think I'm deeply obsessed with this one! It's been on repeat... over and over again! The perfect song to warble out while working out (...or more likely knitting...shhh). 
And seeing as I've brought the cold weather out to BC with me, I might as well sing this beauty to my heart's content while cocooning in my apartment this snowy weekend! 
Black Jacket- Le Chateau, Green Men's Shirt- H&M, Black Cami- Banana Republic, Leggings- Joe Fresh, Scarf/Shawl- Value Village, Brown Boots- Aldo, Long Necklace- Club Monaco, Silver Necklace- Gift
I mean, it's hardly like this "snow storm" (yes, I did hear a local call it that...pfft!) should stop me from running around, but it's kind of a nice excuse to throw on a warm scarf/shawl and many layers. I've been in a bit of a rut fashion wise lately, the only reason I can come up with is that I'm not feeling really settled. Apparently, being in-between houses does an odd thing to my sense of style! But I did feel like myself again in this, layered and cozy with a bit of vintage and of course, my boots!

February 21, 2011

Ready to Start

Ready to Start- Arcade Fire 
It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend, very unlike all the February's that I'm used to! A light blazer and scarf were all that were needed for roaming around outside by the ocean. The sun made my eyes stream while getting photos, but I wouldn't trade it for anything! 
Just a simple, classic outfit- kinda Louise 101! Beige? Check. Stripes? Check. Boots? Of course. :) 
Beige Wool Blazer- Aritzia, Stripe Shirt and Sunglasses- Joe Fresh, Black Jeans- Gap, Black Equestrian Boots- House of Harlow, Brocade Pashmina- Smart Set, Wrap Bracelet- Club Monaco, 
squint squint squint! 
I also ended up finding the coolest playground with a pirate ship! Uhm... amazing!! Why let the 5yr olds have all the fun??

p.s seriously, how gorgeous is it here?? 

February 19, 2011

Inspiration to Outfit

I tend to keep a large (large!) file of random inspiration photos, most of the time these are outfits I like, but I've also been known to throw just about anything pretty in there as well. I like to think that inspiration can come from anything, and it makes my style more creative and personal to come up with an outfit from a more abstract inspiration photo, than a direct copy of a fashionable outfit (though, I do that as well!).

When I saw the hair at the Rodarte show I audibly gasped. So pretty! The fishtail and messy beauty of it made me think of a very stylish nomad, exactly what I feel like being this spring! Travelling the world and picking up beautifully eclectic items to create my own gorgeous vibe. mmm bliss! 

February 10, 2011

Young Blood

Young Blood- The Naked and Famous
I rushed home from work yesterday to get some shots while there was still a tiny chance of sunlight... well the sunlight was there, but apparently not quite enough. Still, the photos are outside and the scenery is not a beige wall. Lets call this one a success, I'll just say I'm dark and brooding! 
Mauve Sweater and Black Studded Belt- Gap, Painter Tank- Winners, Beige Skirt- Banana Republic, Black Chain Necklace, Black Peep Toes and Black Tights- Joe Fresh, Watch- Guess, Turquoise Ring- Aldo, Paisley Scarf- Smart Set
Just a simple work outfit with some pretty spring colours, this cardigan reminds me of ice cream... I really don't know why! But every time I wear it I have a mad craving for the stuff. 
Oh! Speaking of yummy food, I thought I'd share Whole Living with you guys. I found it the other day and fell in love. Being a fairly new vegetarian (a few months), I've been having trouble finding tasty, easy and healthy food and then stumbled on this magazine while in line at the grocery store (I'm such a sucker for the magazine rack!). It's totally inspired my cooking and it has some great yoga stuff too. I'll be all fit in no time! Well... just as soon as I put down this bowl of cherry garcia ice cream ;) 
Do you guys have any secret amazing magazines?

February 8, 2011

A week in Photos

I really need to find a good spot (and some sunlight!) for outfit photos! I just can't bring myself to post another set of boring beige walls. The scenery around here is gorgeous, but I leave for work when its dark and come home just in time for the sunset. Hmph. I might have to get creative with the coffee breaks and my trusty old tripod (Here's a free work tip guys: When it's your first week at a new job daily self-portraits are a great way to win friends and influence colleagues!!)**

In the meantime I thought I'd share five snaps from my week. 
-an unforgettable book and tea
- my first (almost missed!) shot of the Welcome to BC sign. This involved some reckless stunt driving that I do not condone! 
-the beginning of a quick dance sketch
- rocks at the creek beside my new apartment (gawd...IT'S FEBRUARY!!! I heart BC) 
- my adorable little Binx, who I miss snuggling with and am already hatching plans to cat-nap
What have been your favourite things this week?

** Totally kidding, I don't encourage you to do this! However, if you do... be a friend and share! :)

February 6, 2011


 Crossfire- Brandon Flowers
Phew! All settled in and cozy again, just a few provinces further west. So the posts will be resuming and hopefully I'll be able to be a whole lot nicer with reply's... it's amazing what having some extra time on your hands can let you do! 
And now I just have to say... Vancouver is gorgeous! I'm so so happy I made this long awaited move. For the past few days, while waiting for my internet to be hooked up, I've been exploring the city, well... as much as my annoying cold will allow me. But between the ocean, mountains and culture... I'm completely smitten.
Denim Blouse and Patterned Tights: Joe Fresh, Black Cami: Banana Republic, Black Wool Shorts: H&M, Leopard Print Scarf: Aldo, Black Boots: House of Harlow, Studded Belt: Gap
 This is my faux stylish outfit- it looks the part but is really just dead comfy. I have my trusty boots and an old denim shirt, both wardrobe staples in my book! Then, to ramp it up a bit, I put on some wool shorts, patterned tights and a leo scarf. Ta da! I look the part but can still nurse my cold! 
lots and lots of love


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