July 6, 2010

Full Moon

This is the story of a girl who desperately wanted a crop top. Yes, as in "Geeze, didn't they wear those in the '90's?". I must admit, when I first saw this trend a few months ago I was hesitant. Thoughts of Trailer parks, neon spandex and scrunchies (rumour is that these little dudes are trailblazing back too... hmmm) first came to mind. After mellowing for a bit I discovered that every time I saw some fashionista wearing one of these perfectly slouchy, midriff baring wonders I would instantly love the outfit.

Apparently I did not love the top enough to spend any hard earned money on it though. They're just so "trendy" and I have a tough time parting with money for uber trendy items. And then... Light bulb!

I have a slouchy tee that I never wear and would be a perfect little crop top! 

So I laid out the (soon-to-be-epic) tee and snipped away a couple inches. I brought it up to about an inch below my belly-button (to keep it...classy??) and then kept it a bit longer in the back to make it have more flow. 

And BAM! I have a crop top now, that didn't cost me a thing! (This is my intense face. I know, I'm hard core. No biggie.) :)
And of course I got too excited and changed into the "new" top right away. I paired it with some skinny jeans to balance out the looseness on top. The braids keep it looking too too, you know? Tight pants and a bare midriff is probably enough scandal for this girl. The peacock earrings and old messenger bag also tame the look and make it more everyday appropriate. 
Crop Top: DIY Gap
Jeans: Winners
Shoes: Nine West
Belt: Gap
Messenger Bag: Stolen from Mum about 10 years ago. Thanks Mum!
Earrings: Gift

Lovely: Making your own ice cream! It's such a great summer time tradition and this is partly what my weekend consisted of! We made a lemon sorbet and a "premium" (debatable!)  vanilla ice cream. A chocolate fudgesicle was lined up too... but there aren't enough hours in the weekend! 
Have a wonderful Tuesday! 


  1. Love it, might have to copy that idea ;-) x

  2. I must admit I was a little worried when you said "crop top"...but I like how you cut this one...it just skims your jeans which is perfect..and I love how it goes longer in the back...

  3. I love your new crop top!! I've been loving crop tops lately, and DIY is always awesome!! Love the pictures too...:D


  4. You are so cute, what a thrifty idea!

  5. What a good idea! Love it! And your hair is very pretty! x

  6. You KNOW I love this! Looks great!

  7. Cute, cute, cute!! And I love that you DIY'd it too. That pic w/the scissors is adorable. :)

  8. LOVE! You are so creative. I love how this is just a subtle crop top. Very classy and fun!!

    xo Marcie

  9. Eeee Louise I love it!! And you are so brave. I have been dying to try a crop top but have shied away from it because I wasn't sure how b-town would react. You look amazing so work it! And I love your hair too. Milkmaid braids are another obsession of mine this summer.
    P.S I would love to do drinks this week! Actually what are you doing tomorrow??

  10. Bahahaha, this whole post was friggin' hilarious. I LOVE your crop top - good job, lady! Nothing beats free! You look absolutely fab in it, don't worry one bit about looking too, too - it's so cute. Also loving the braids. How do you stay so teeny tiny? Envious of your ability to pull off the crop top!!

  11. Haha, don't worry you don't look too...erm..you know! ;)

    I think you rock this! I would never have the condfidence to rock a crop top (althought I really want to try it out!) I greatly admire you for your fashion bravery! You make me want to go out and try out some new, crazy trend!

    P.S. I love your hair in the braided updo. So gorgeous. I'm jealous your hair looks this stunning everyday...

  12. aaahhh i need a cropped top for the heat this summer too!! you look great!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  13. LOL YES!!!!!

    Nice work, L!! Nice work!

    You're so tiny, you pull this off super well!

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  14. You look adorable in your hand-made cropped top! I like how you paired the top with a pair of fitting jeans and high heels. I don't own any cropped tops. I've a long torso, hence, I don't think I would look good in one. I've several cropped cardigans to wear with dresses :).

  15. Very cute :) I wish I had a flat enough stomach to do the same.


  16. Great tutorial! You are too cute, love the whole look :]

  17. VERY cute! I love that paired with the jeans and heels. Very put together.

  18. cute outfit and what a great idea... i have some t's that i might have to crop now too.

  19. great job, I really like the trend

    I love how the 90s are coming back in such a cool way...

  20. You're so creative! This top looks awesome on you and I love your hair like that.


  21. Apparently I am not much of a crop top artist cause while yours looks completely chic, mine.... well.... mine is an abomination. Haha. Perhaps I was not destined to let my tummy run free.

    -Weezy from http://beautysimplistic.blogspot.com

  22. ive been toying with the crop top idea for awhile now.. i dont think i can bring myself to do it without a tank underneath, bah! but i LOVE it on you and i am so jealous of your hair styling abilities!


Thanks for all your lovely comments, they never fail to make my day! xx


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