July 16, 2010


Life In Film- Sorry (Thanks for the song S.!)
Do you ever find that as soon as you stop looking for something it just shows up. On your doorstop. Wrapped in a pretty bow? Well that has been happening to me a lot lately. Now that I'm *trying* to take my life into my own hands and make my own way things that I'd always looked for keep just popping up. It seems like I'm being punked!
 As you all know (because I seem to talk about it A LOT!) the town I live in isn't exactly at the cutting edge, I love it though and don't want to move right now. I want to work with it and make it more fashionable, I've always wanted to do this but I thought for some reason that someone else would have to start the movement. Since starting my styling business I keep running into the most amazing, stylish and ambitious women who actually live in my town!! It's just so inspiring being around them and it makes me want to work harder and push myself further. We've decided to just go for it and I'm sure you'll be seeing some of our super exciting plans soon enough! 
Leotard: Old, from dance! 
Shorts and Vest: American Eagle
Belt: Gap
Boots: Winners
 Necklace: From the Earth
Flowers: In parent's backyard... sadly I don't have any lovely Peonies at my place. Next year hopefully! 
This is actually an outfit that I wore last week and then ran out of time to post! I tend to dress for my mood and felt like being a bit of a rocker that day. To me sequins, boots, ripped denim and big hair= rocker. :)
Have a gorgeous weekend! 

P.S Two of my favorite bloggers featured me on their blogs for the IFB I Heart Blogs event! I was beyond flattered as I love both of their blogs and they both seem just so darn nice! If you get a chance check out Kate at O My Heart and Becky at Blah Blah Becky! Time well spent, in my opinion! 


  1. I can't wait to hear about some of your "super plans"...maybe it will help me begin to "fashion up" my town (although I have yet to more there...stupid house needs to sell fast!!)

  2. Adorable outfit. Love the boots!...and your upcoming plans sound great too - look forward to hearing the details!!

    Have a great weekend and stop by for the cupcake challenge if you get a minute...cuppie would love to see more of Canada. xoxo-Carrie

  3. Love this outfit! I am in love with that vest! I don't know what, but I keep using the word love.

  4. Beautiful outfit. I love the beautiful pictures :)

  5. Sounds exciting!
    Love your rockstar look - especially the waistcoat! x

  6. Holy hottie! I love this outfit!! The boots & the vest are rad, and your hair looks so, so good like this! & thanks for the sweet words darlin!

  7. Hooray for being a mover and a shaker!! Isn't it great when you stop looking and start doing?? This is one of my favorite looks of yours so far. I'm crazy about the boots, vest and tousled hair. And it's so fitting too. A rock and roll look for your kick ass frame of mind. I can't wait until our next meeting/wine & cheese date next week! xx

  8. ooohhh how exciting!! i wish you well in all your future endeavors!! :D keep us updated! :D

    you're looking so stylish and chic with the vest and boots!! love it! :D

    Animated Confessions

  9. Beautiful:))))


  10. I love the outfit. It looks really fun. I love the sequins too. You are such a fashionista. People in my town are wayyyy to conservative. Since it is always hot here, I am always wearing short shorts or summer dresses, but every now and then I will always catching someone raising an eyebrow or two. At least you found some fashionable women in your area. People here already make a big issue if you are in a sleeveless top. Anyway, I sent you an invitation on chictopia. Maybe we can follow each other's latest outfits there. Have a lovely weekend.

  11. Peonies are my absolute favorite, so pretty and they smell terrific too.

    I can't wait to hear what you're up to...I keep feeling like I want to use my style sense and possible sewing machine to help underprivileged women who are re-entering the workforce...and then I wait for someone to walk up to me and say, "Hey, Olivia. Would you be interested in using your style sense and possibly your sewing machine to help underprivileged women?" Are you surprised that hasn't happened yet?

    Also, you look darling in this outfit and your legs are amazing.

  12. Cute vest! It's so exciting when I meet other people like me...I'm so happy for you. Good luck!

  13. Congrats on the blog features!! I know exactly what you mean about things showing up once you stop looking for them. It's amazing, isn't it!? Good for you on going for what you're passionate about. You're going to be awesome at it!


  14. thanks a lot!!!

    love your shorts

  15. Love your outfit here


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