July 29, 2010

Inside and Out

Inside and Out- Feist
I love this dress (yes I'm doing the dress tucked into shorts trick again!) but when I first saw it I didn't think I would ever wear it. This was 3 years ago, I thought it was way too trendy and "out there" for me and that it would probably rot away in the back of my closet until I finally gave up and threw it out. I was stubborn though (and obviously, lacking any self control) and bought it. I'm so glad I did. Sometimes it's the weird things in your closet that you never thought you'd wear that end up saving you. This "dress" has been paired with so many things and worn in any season, it's great for layering and I've dressed it up and, as these photos attest to, have definitely dressed it down. 

Usually I use the belt that's in my hair and tie it around the waist to add definition to the dress, seeing as I was tucking it in though I decided to wrap it into my hair. I actually ended up loving it! I felt like a princess (a cool, exotic one mind you!) and loved the black sequins against the coral/gunmetal earrings. Geeze, I'm in a very mash-up mood with my jewelry lately! 

Dress: Le Chateau
Shorts: American Eagle
Shoes: Gap (check out the cute seahorses on them!!)
Belt (in hair): Gift
Earrings: Vintage (stolen from mum!)
It's a long weekend this week so I'm heading to my cabin again! I work Saturday, but that still means I get Sunday and Monday to relax and peruse my favorite old bookstore! I'll be finding a bunch of lovely, old books to add to my growing collection... is there anything better than an old book??


  1. I love the tucked in idea! I can't tell it is a dress. Your headband is great too!

    xo marcie

  2. I love love love this. You look adorable. The shorts are awesome (i'm a complete sucker for denim) and the dress tucked in? Perfection!

    I do it ALL the time!! yahooooo!! Did you ever see my nautical post? It's totally one of my fave dresses tucked in! kindred spirits!


    worn as a top:

    worn as a dress:

    LOVE IT!

  3. That is such a smart trick. I love when you can find a new way to wear an old piece of clothing. Adorable flats!

  4. That dress is gorgeous, and I am super impressed with how well you were able to dress it down!! What a glam casual look, I really love it! Diggin' the fishtail braid, too! And your legs look killer in that last photo! Smokin'! Happy long weekend!

  5. You look gorgeous!
    I love the belt worn as a headband in your hair. So pretty. :)

    Oh, and if your looking for a good old book (is 1925 old enough...?) I have a suggestion! Currently for a summer English assignment I'm reading An American Tragedy by Theodore Dreiser. It's actually really really good which surprises me (because most books I read for school are terrible!)

  6. i do that dress as a top all the time.. im even fond of the top as a skirt and vice versa! hahahaha! :D

    you look fab and great! :D

    Animated Confessions

  7. You look smokin' hot! I actually remember you trying this dress on in the "old store" while contemplating whether you should buy it or not. Or maybe that was when you were contemplating returning it??
    Anyways, I remember you put it on with heels and we all agreed that your legs looked killer and that you must buy/keep it. I'm so glad you did!!
    I love how you paired it with denim and your legs look even more killer than I remember! Have a lovely weekend at the cabin. xx

  8. Love this look! I've been finding lots of great sequined tops lately, but talked myself out of them since I wasn't sure to to dress them down. You pulled it off beautifully!

    And your legs = the hotness

  9. gorgeous outfit, wonderful hair :)

  10. Just found your blog! Love this outfit. Casual summer is my fave style and you rock it :)

  11. Do I see sparkles on the top? :). I recently purchased a top from H and M that has some sparkles, and I was very excited. Sparkles remind me of Christmas and New Year celebrations :).

  12. I absolutely love those gap shoes! Did you recently purchase them?

    xo Lynzy

  13. Those flats are freaking awesome. And I wish my hair was long enough to do that special little braid thing cuz you look so awesome with it!

  14. you look so adorable. love the idea of wearing a dress as a top and a belt in hair too! besides, i have the same 'prblem', mainly, i buy clothes that i don't wear for a very long time, and after some period of time i make a surprising discovery!

  15. This look is amazing! The dress tucked into shorts actually looks really good in this case. And I never would have thought to put a belt in my hair.

  16. lovely photos!! cute outfit!! i love the side braid :)

  17. I'm glad you're wearing the dress! It looks great as a top (:


  18. Back again...I can.not believe I snagged that dress! Jackpot!

  19. Great idea. I love it when you can get creative with the items in your closet.

  20. great idea ! i need to be doing the same!

  21. i totally know what you mean! i used to shy away from things too metallicy or sparkly, but im totallyy loving them now. and i LOVE that you are tucking in a dress to make a top. how perfect!

    i may work up the courage to post my bob, soon ;) check back!


  22. This dress is adorable and I love that you're wearing it as a top. Those flats are fab too. Have fun at the cabin!


  23. Nice touch with the dress tucked into shorts. Would love to retire to a cabin-your's sounds great

  24. thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a very sweet comment :)

  25. you look fabulous L! xo the flats are toooo cute! xo


    p.s. my sister has finally started to post!


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