March 6, 2011


Hush- Angus and Julia Stone
Such a lazy, cozy Sunday- exactly what I needed. I headed down to Seattle for the day on Saturday (just because I could!)  and didn't get home till late, so getting the chance to laze around for most of the day today was delightful! 
I didn't get any shots of Seattle... I was not on the ball that morning! But I did stop by the outlets on the way back and found this adorable little duck Kate Spade umbrella and a comfy sparkle sweater from Jcrew. Getting them both for ridiculous low prices just made it even sweeter. 
Umbrella- Kate Spade, Silver Foil Sweater- Jcrew, Black LEggings- Joe Fresh
Now excuse me while I curl up with my book and go to bed at 9. I know, Rockstar! 
How was your weekend?


  1. Louise!! I've missed so many of your posts! I'm a terrible blogger friend! What a great umbrella find :) Although I can't resist saying haven't you heard its bad luck to open an umbrella inside and put it over your head?? Sorry, superstitious mother got me! It's lovely though. And its beyond cool you can take a day trip to Seattle! Pictures next time please! :)


  2. That umbrella is SO cute! I love the handle! And that sweatshirt is amazing, my friend Katie has it and it's such a glam way to stay casual! Nothing beats pretty AND comfy! Hope things are well, lovely! xo.

  3. I love this laidback look and the umbrella is so cute! That is quite some dedication to drive just for the day!

  4. these pics are super nice. it all starts with the lovely top and ends with the cute umbrella.


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