March 16, 2011

Skinny Genes

Skinny Genes- Eliza Doolittle
This wasn't really a planned outfit shoot, hence the very low key outfit, but as I was driving along the "Sea to Sky" highway north of Vancouver I just had to take some photos. I mean, who could really pass up that view?! It had been intermittently raining all day but it cleared up as I stepped out of the car and the sun started to set, making the lighting all soft and pretty (not to mention very complementary...holla!) 

Black Cropped Trench and Taupe Pashmina- Le Chateau, Blue Denim Shirt- American Eagle, White Cami- J. Crew, Skinny Jeans- Winners, Black Equestrian Boots- House of Harlow, Gold Bead Necklace- Target, Polka Dot Umbrella- Kate Spade, Brown Belt- Vintage, Leather Strap Bracelet- H&M

I'm sure you guys have noticed some changes around here, what do you think?? Better or worse? I'd honestly really love to know. This blog is a hobby for me, but I still want it to look pretty and work well... and seeing as I'm completely new to all this tech stuff, sometimes its awesome to have constructive feedback.


  1. I love the changes you've done to the blog...your hearder is super cute!
    I also love these pictures..and the outfits very cute!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  2. I do love the blog changes! I also really like your outfit! Those boots are super freaking cute! :)

  3. That view is breathtaking! I would love to just set up camp along that lake, river, or whatever that water is supposed to be lol. And your outfit is cute too of course :) I think all of the changes on your blog are great, and I really like your new header!

  4. great photos! your outfit has kind of an equestrian look to it, kinda Ralph Lauren- like. And I like your umbrella :D

    Beneath the Glass

  5. This outfit looks great! I really like that leather bracelet too :)

  6. these photos are great. the backdrop is stunning and the outfit is perfect. love the jeans in boots + blazer!


  7. Oh these are lovely! That umbrella is so cute!

  8. Yay for pretty sunshine! I really love that leather bracelet you have been rocking. Looks so great next to the blue shirt! Lovely!! -S

  9. I am so jealous of your view! It looks so gorgeous! Plus you look so happy :)

  10. wow that view really is stunning and the outfit may be simple buts its still really cute - loving the blazer :) x

  11. I missed this post somehow, but I wanted to say I LOVE the new layout/header! Everything is looking just lovely, m'dear! And I love this very you outfit! xoxo. And I also lovelovelove eliza doolittle!

  12. The lighting in these shots is beautiful and your umbrella is precious! Here you are rubbing it in with all the pretty views once again! Ah well, I'm happy to experience Vancouver's beautiful landscape through your lens. And the changes are great! Such a pretty and fresh look for spring and summer. Miss you my dear! xo

  13. love this outfit the the pictures are absolutely stunning! :)
    So glad I've found your blog; now following!


Thanks for all your lovely comments, they never fail to make my day! xx


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