April 13, 2011


Bambi- Tokyo Police Club
Whew! Some how it's only Wednesday. I'm not quite sure how this is possible as it feels like I should be having a long stretch of a weekend coming up right about now... but I've double checked my calendar all day, and I'm 80% sure it's not lying! But it has been a good Wednesday regardless, I've found some awesome new roommates and have a very promising lead on a house! You have no idea how much I've been stressing over the living situation recently (the looming deadline wasn't helping!) so I'm feeling much lighter today. 
So with that slightly more sorted, I went for a little walk and photo shoot at the canyon after work today, playing hide and go seek with all the good people who were out jogging and not being narcissistic! 
Not too impressed with all the rain today!
Pastel Flower Dress- H&M, Purple Sweater- Gap, Purple Belt- American Apparel, Black Boots- House of Harlow, Black Tights- Target, Camel Trench and Black Beret- Le Chateau, Silver Leaf and Bliss Necklace- Gifts
Oh! And I found a coat rack... obviously nature-made just for me. Yup, a very good Wednesday!


  1. Glad things are coming together for you, love! Your dress is so pretty here! It fits you just perfectly! xo.

  2. Aww, first of all I feel terrible for being a terrible blogger friend and missing a couple of your last posts! Secondly, I am glad everything is working out for you with the living situation. I can understand how frustrating that gets so yay for prospects! Thirdly, love this outfit and especially the last photo! hehe so cute. Decided that I need to come visit Vancouver and you and that you are more than welcome to come to Toronto and visit!! Yay or nay?? lol :)


  3. I always feel like I have to hide from people who are out and about when I go to take outfit photos, too! Your trench is perfect, I'm looking for one myself.

  4. Anonymous14.4.11

    Love your dress and looks perfect with that cardigan. I have been looking at your blog for a few weeks now just become a follower xxx

  5. Love this! Such a pretty dress. And be careful in that forest, I hear Edward Cullen lurks around the woods in the pacific northwest. ha.

    Niki from A Haute Mess

  6. Haha...I love that you were dodging people to take these pictures! You're so adorable. That dress is stunning. I think I need it!

  7. I love your dress! the cut is beautiful and the subtle print is gorgeous too! (And I'm so glad to hear you got my package! I'm looking forward to seeing it on you. xoxo)

  8. Your dress looks amazing on you…it is like a watercolor! I also think you look adorable in that beret! :)

  9. That dress is fantastic! Love it! And great find w/that coat rack. Wondering where I can find one just like it ;)

  10. Even though its raining you still look gorgeous in your rain boots and trench! :)

    xo Lynzy

  11. Glad to hear your new living situation is almost all sorted - that sort of thing can be so stressful!
    Loving the outfit too dear, that dress is gorgeous x

  12. this is the perfect look with the perfect location. there is something very mysterious about the whole shoot.


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