April 27, 2011

Take Me to the Riot

Take Me to the Riot- Stars
I have a confession guys- I am incredibly introverted and awkward. Taking photos in front of people scares the bejeezus out of me- I immediately clam up and can only remember how to make ridiculous faces (yes, they get more ridiculous!). I've known this fact for years: My mum informed me when I was 10 that I was not at all photogenic, and could not in fact sing. Gee, thanks mother. But surprisingly, my mum is so sweet that these facts actually came out as compliments... I still don't understand how...
Anyways, that brings me to this hidden little place that I found to take these photos. I decided to veer off the usual path while at the canyon and came across a sunlit little patch of hidden glory! Imagine my delight that I could take my photos once again in solitude! 
Floral Dress- Winners, Black Blazer- Thrifted, Black Cami- Banana Republic, Black Boots- House of Harlow, Black Tights- Target, Wrap Bracelets- Club Monaco and DIY, Brown Belt- Vintage
And this is a little photo from my other piece of solitude this weekend- chilling out max (and relaxing all cool and shooting... no?? Am I the only one who remembers Fresh Prince?) at Ambleside beach on Saturday. The sun was shining and I had a new book to dive into. C'est parfait! 


  1. Anonymous27.4.11

    I'm the same with photos which is why I take most indoors. Do you take your own photos? they are always really nice, I think outdoor one's are so much better.
    And it wasn't just you with the fresh prince theme I was singing it in my head as soon as I read chilling out max haha love that show xxx

  2. I almost titled a post with the Fresh Prince song! Anyway no matter what your mom said I think you are cute and i love your dress.

  3. Solitude is the best for pictures... but sometimes I just think eff it, I'm just gonna pretend I am the normal one!

  4. I'm totally awkward too!
    I love your bright dress with all the black!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  5. Your blog is looking so pretty Louise!! I love the new font and color - and your new scenery, too. Taking pics is ROUGH even when you're alone...never mind when people are around. Shudder!

    Love your shorts btw.


  6. that blankie is from the roots spring campaign!! canadian girls unite!! i got mine at pendleton...it's on sale for about $173.99. chief's shawl i believe. it is BEAUTIFUL!


  7. No worries! I get awkward too sometimes! Hahah.
    But love that skirt, how fun!


  8. I love the dress as a skirt...so cute! And I'm very jealous of your relaxing beach time.

  9. You have a such a cute blog. I feel awkward taking pictures of myself also, But I manage to pull through.=) Actually awkward can be very beautiful.

  10. this is beautiful. being shy and scared of taking photos is all in the mind :) pretend you're someone else and you won't be as scared! xx

  11. okay, YOU are BEAUTIFUL! You dont look shy in front of the camera at all! I love the background too...where do you live?!

  12. What a great place for photos! I need to find a spot like that.

    Photo Giveaway

  13. what a fun outfit, I just LOVE that skirt. haha, that's funny your mom called you un-photogenic. And she probably didn't even mean it at all, but isn't it funny how certain things stay with us? You look great!

  14. This post made me smile Louise. Your outfit is so cute! And you're not the only one who remembers fresh prince! It was on today actually!

  15. that dress looks so high fashion. i cant believe its from winners. the pattern on it is stunning.

  16. Ahh the beach! So beautiful!

  17. Hi Louise,

    Just found your blog, luv the way you layer things to create the whole outfit. (Perhaps because in Canada it's still cold this time of the year?)
    I just started blogging myself (just online for about 2 weeks) so I've been wandering around looking for reference and inspiration. Among so many fashion blogs I've found, I'm glad to found some that feel real and genuine (like yours), with sponsors yes, but not over-commercialized, if you know what I mean.
    Keep up the originality!

    PS: Actually I created blog for my Indonesian friends, surprisingly most visitors come from US, Canada and Australia. :) If you have time, please take a ppek and give me some advice. Thanks.
    Ow, and if you say that like people who speak with an accent, I'm not sure you'll like mine when I speak English. It's a mix of American, Texan, Indonesian and local Javanese accents, hehehe

  18. Whit9.5.11

    I have so many comments on this post!
    #1 - my lovely mother also informed me at a young age that I cannot sing.. I've been scarred ever since! Although somehow I see your mom saying it, as you said, in a much different way!
    #2 - introverted (ya right), awkward (not at all), and unphotogenic (I disagree - there is a fabulous pic of us from Minnedosa when we were like 6 and we totally rocked it out)
    #3 - still remember fresh prince, still love it :)
    --> still love your posts, keep em coming!


Thanks for all your lovely comments, they never fail to make my day! xx


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