April 21, 2011

White Blank Page

White Blank Page- Mumford and Sons
I haven't had a chance to take any outfit photos this week. I know. What's up!? These ones are from last month but somehow they had become buried in my iPhoto folder, thankfully I stumbled on them today! I somehow don't think photos of my day would be too interesting (meetings, commuting and a bag lunch... oh so glam!)
We're back to my go to in-between season outfit of shorts and tights, but this time I added in a touch of lace via my pretty little dress (folded, very strategically, into the shorts!). With the slouchy boots and drapey sweater I felt pretty cozy, but not sloppy, and that's the kind of balance I like to strike!
Beige Sweater, Jean Shorts, Slouchy Boots- Le Chateau, Black Lace Dress- American Apparel, Brown Belt- Vintage
I'm quite excited to take some outfit shots this Friday (day off!!). I swear that I have worn some stylish outfits this past week, just haven't had the time/camera/energy to document them! Be prepared for multiple posts next week. You've been warned. :)


  1. When I don't have time to take photos I swear my outfit looks like it's from the pages of vogue. I'm THAT stylish... ;)

    I like this outfit! Stylish but not over the top. My personal fav type of outfit.

    Have a great day off tomorrow!

  2. love the denim shorts and tights (just recently jumped on that bandwagon myself,lol). Also, very pretty top/dress (yey for versatility!)

    I've tagged you in a little blog activity, that aims to get bloggers to share a bit about themselves. I'd love for you to participate! You can find out more at http://adoseofdelight.blogspot.com/2011/04/better-late-than-never.html )

  3. What a cute outfit. Am loving the shorts and tight combo- it's subtle sexy! You definitely have the legs to pull this off!

  4. That is a great in between seasons look. How did you loose it?

  5. Wow! great to watch such dress. Lovely ones.
    Blank Apparel

  6. Love your post.. and like your outfit
    Bella Tops

  7. Simple and elegant. You look beautiful in this outfit.


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