June 4, 2011

The Golden Age

The Golden Age- The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
Since moving out west, one of the things I’ve missed most has been the blogger/fashion meet-ups I used to have with my lovely friends Brooke and Monique. It was always so refreshing and inspiring to chat with fellow bloggers who get how much time and dedication goes into our “hobbies”. Plus, it didn't hurt that we usually had a good glass of wine and awesome food to keep us company!

So imagine my delight in finding an even larger group of fashion bloggers out here in Vancouver. Each one with their own voice, style and lovely little quirks! We met up for a picnic in Stanley park last Sunday, during one of Vancouver’s first sunny days, and spent many hours chatting, eating and basically all getting girl-crushes on each other! 
At the meet-up there was Cara of A Fashion Love Affair

Alexandra of To Vogue or Bust
Cee of Coco and Vera, also our coordinator- so major props to her for such a great job!
Veronika of Girl & Closet
Mina of Faboulista
Wearing- Chambray Button Up- American Eagle, Gray Maxi Skirt- Aritzia, Wood Platforms- Pierre Hardy for Gap, Leather Wrap Bracelet- H&M, DIY Bracelet- Right here!
These girls are awesome- smart, funny, and stylish... you'd kinda want to hate them, if they weren't so nice! I can't wait for our blogger date, it sounds like it's going to be pretty awesome! 
Blogging can be a pretty independent world, and, being a social person, this can drive me a little crazy. But after our picnic I was brimming with inspiration and couldn’t wait to tweak the blog and post new photos… too bad my internet company decided to forget to send me a modem. Hmph. It’s been a week sans internet, keep your fingers crossed the darn thing shows up on Monday!
p.s GO CANUCKS GO!!!! 


  1. Awe, how lucky are you to have a meet up with so many wonderful fashion bloggers?! It would be a total dream to have a fashion blogger meet up with some gals from Ohio!

    You look completely lovely and oh-so cool in your maxi skirt and tied denim shirt, by the way! Too cute :D

  2. Louise, your pictures look SO gorgeous!! And I love how you've laid them out too, really lovely. It was so fantastic to meet you and I too can't wait for our fourth, it's going to be a blast. And I'm already planning my outfit, yay!! I'm on the hunt for a fun and fabulous hat. Hope you're enjoying the glorious weather. xx veronika

  3. Your internet company forgot to send you a modem? How is a blogger supposed to survive like that? I am feeling much sympathy for you right now, I'm so not the kind of girl who can even go a day without internet :) Your photos turned out beautifully and it was such a pleasant surprise to meet another prairie girl at our get-together.

  4. Great photos Louise! It was so nice to meet you, you are so sweet and pleasent to be around! So looking forward to our next meet-up!
    xo Cara

  5. I'm so happy to hear that you found another great blogging community! xx

  6. This is such a fun post!! I love how you did a separate little feature on each blogger! So cute. I have major blogger envy right now, too. Someday, I will make my way to Vancouver! :)

  7. You all look so amazing! love the photos!
    xx, K.

  8. I love looking at all the photos from the picnic - you girls look fabulous! Hope that modem comes soon... I can't imagine living without the Internet!

    xo, alison*elle

  9. you guys look so stylish <3<3<3 :*

  10. looks like a great meet up! and you ladies are all so gorgeous!

  11. What a fun day, love your post Louise! I can't believe you're without internet, I've been there and it's no fun! At least Starbucks has free wireless now, it's worth it to get a latte and blog :) Loved your outfit that day by the way, the skirt and tied blouse was perfection!

  12. They have such great outfits! (of course). Sounds like a lovely meet up!

  13. Looks like you had a great time! I always love blogger meet-ups! And, of course, you all look fabulous! :)

    Splendiferous Inclinations

  14. Thanks to your picnic gathering I've discovered some great Vancouver based style bloggers! I'm based in Vancouver too.

  15. Wonderful photos,it must have been so fun!

  16. louise i'm so happy to have got to hang out with u at the blogger picnic. thx so much for swapping places with me for the group shot though i doubt anything could really mask my shortness! cant wait to hang out again soon!


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