June 20, 2011


Sydney- Brett Dennen
Have you guys heard this song? It's the most happy-go-lucky summer song I've heard this year- I get this ridiculous goofy smile on my face and start wiggling every time I hear it... this doesn't look street cool, but it's fun! Plus, this song has THE BEST language. I quote: "They're only a couple of crazy cougars". Oh my, this needs to be added to my lexicon, now! 
Blue Tank- French Connection (6 years ago. Yes people, 6!), Black Wool Shorts- H&M, Orange Peep-toe Flats- Aldo, Straw Clutch- Vintage, Necklace- Marc Jacobs, Chain Link Bracelet- DIY (right herrrr) 
I'm in Toronto this week for work, so these photos are appearing as if by magic (I pre-scheduled them).
I was having a blast bringing out all the clothes that I hadn't seen in half a year and came across this tank that I bought when I was 18 and went to Europe by myself, needless to say it brings back so many happy memories. And these neon flats? I've had them for 5 years, only worn them 3 times (super uncomfortable), but still don't feel guilty because they were $3. That's $1/wear, less than a coffee... it's all in the justifications. 
I hope your Monday is a happy one, you crazy cougar, you! 


  1. Love this first shot of you, you look gorgeous! What a great tank (and it is always fun when clothes have a good story/memory)
    Hope you have a great week in Toronto!
    xo Cara

  2. love the colour of your sandals! and i totally justify things that way too!!
    have a fun week in Toronto!

  3. One dollar a wear, less than coffee- I love it :) I tend not to keep things I don't wear for that long, but there are some pieces I never wear that I just can't get rid of, and I love bringing them out every once in a while, just for fun. None were probably even close to as good a deal as those orange shoes, though! Hope you're having a fun (work) week in Toronto.

  4. Oooohhh I need some shoes like yours! Love them! :)

  5. I love rediscovering clothes that I stuffed somewhere out of the way and realizing I can wear them again. Usually I donate/sell/get rid of things but sometimes there are those pieces that you simply can't part with and it's amazing when you can can give them new "life" again. Have fun in Toronto! It's where I'm from so it holds a special place in my heart despite the fact that I consider myself a Vancouverite now :)

    xo, alison*elle

  6. What a cute summer outfit! I love finding things all over again when the seasons change.

  7. Love that CLUTCH! Amazing piece ya got there lady :) Have fun in Toronto

  8. I love the color of your shoes! xx

  9. I love that that tank has such great memories for you - fantastic look! :)

  10. Anonymous21.6.11

    lol i always do that too! I'm always calculating what each wear cost me so I feel good about buying stuff. It always works haha. and when I'm in the store "but I'll wear it ALL the time" comes up a lot.
    hope you are having a good time in TO!

    xo danni

  11. Those flats are too freaking cute! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that bracelet DIY, such a fantastic idea!


  12. LOVE those shoes and for $3?! That's awesome, what a great find!

  13. babe, i love the print of your top!:-)

  14. Anonymous17.7.11

    i love the pictures in the background! and that clutch is great! :)


Thanks for all your lovely comments, they never fail to make my day! xx


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