June 14, 2011

Wish You Were Here!


Fat Face shirts blouse, $40
Summer blouse, $98
Zara safari jacket, $159
Striped skirt, $66
Madewell cotton shorts, $65
Zara neon high heels, $100
Leather handbag, $180
Aldo jewelry, $18
TopShop oversized cocktail ring, $28
Metal bracelet, $28
Wendy Mink metal earrings, $120
ANNIE wide belt, $89
Panama hat, $175
Thierry Lasry vintage round sunglasses, $375
Essie Trend Collection 15ml, $17

So my awesome friend S. is quite the World traveller and I have decided that I need to live vicariously through this girl. She's just flown the coop to spend some time in Peru, you know, being all cool and such hiking Machu Picchu... augh. I might be too jealous to even finish this paragr

Anyway, I wasn't able to snoop through her packing because she lives some 2500 kms away, but I decided to put together a post of what I would pack should I ever get up the courage to finish my Hundred Bucket list. And, obviously, I am an awesomely practical packer- the four inch Zara heels just scream "serious hiker" :)

 The bright colours, prints and beading are so perfect for this summer, even if I spend it in the decidedly less exotic Vancouver, especially when paired with the rugged more utilitarian pieces. It's that lovely juxtaposition of looks that just seems to work seamlessly. 


  1. Wow!!! Lovely items!!! I love that Julian Louie x Aldo designer wedges!!!

    new follower here=D


  2. Such great pieces! Want them all! :)

  3. the brights are so beautiful! i love your picks dear, especially the skirt and wallet!

    p.s. i'm having an awesome jewelry giveaway if you're interested!

  4. Love these clothes!! xx

  5. Anonymous14.6.11

    I seriously want every single one of those items! :)

  6. I love every single piece! Bright colours are my favourite!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  7. The Zara heels definitely scream serious hiker- at least if that hiker is me :) I am also seriously jealous of your friend, and sort of kind of contemplating doing something similar... but likely lacking the guts to actually do it. At least I can pretend, and pack my pretend suitcase like you have!

  8. Anonymous15.6.11

    but seriously i want to go to Peru now. wearing all of those things. and I'll even pack some 4-inch heels in my suitcase, just because they are pretty. haha

    and can I just mention that bright pink, orange, and olive is possibly the prettiest combo ever?

    xoxo danni

  9. Ha, I think I would definitely pack a pair of heels as well, no matter how impractical. Whats a hike without being stylish right? Peru would be amazing... how nice it would be to travel the world!

    Xo Chelle

  10. Great outfit... but..
    just in case one of you want to come, you should consider don't bring high heels to Cusco. It's pretty dangerous to walk through its stone streets, specially during rain. And alpaca or wool items are the best to battle the cold.


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