September 7, 2011

I Follow Rivers

Fall has decided that it wants to be late to it's own party out here. What a jerk! But as long as school is still a go and pumpkin spice lattes are cropping up on menus, then I really don't mind all that much and will continue to soak up this gorgeous sunshine.

 Although, when it's boiling outside and you've switched your wardrobe to layers, sweaters and boots you stand to have some awkward layer-shedding moments! I loved this slouchy lazy day outfit but by the time I got home I was sadly only wearing the dress (luckily I'd snuck in the flip flops that Cougar had sent along with these boots, very smart thinking on their part!) 
Knit Slouch Sweater- H&M, Printed Dress- Hurley via Winners, Pillow Boots- c/o Cougar, Grey Knee Socks- Dollarama, Brown Belt- Vintage, Gold Necklace- Joe Fresh, Wrap Bracelet- Club Monaco
And now to the star of this outfit, the vintage-style Pillow Boots from Cougar! Seriously, how awesome are these beauties? Practical and pretty... my feet are going to love me when winter sets in! 
The Pillow Boot is a Canadian classic that was launched by Cougar in 1976 and has just been relaunched this Fall with these limited edition modern take on the classic. The fact that they're crazy cozy, can battle the Canadian winter and look cute makes them my superheroes, I can't wait to put them to the test when the snow starts to fall. Although, I hope that's not going to be anytime too soon! 


  1. You make those boots look so stylish!! I totally could use some boots like that here in Northern BC!!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  2. Those boots are a little crazy but I can see them being perfect for winter. Love your outdoor background :)

    xo, alison*elle

  3. Wow, Louise I swear we are connected somehow, I just posted my cougar boots outfit today too!!! And we did our swap outfits on the same day...weird.
    You look gorgeous in these pics, love the dress and slouchy sweater, perfect styling!
    xo Cara

  4. I've been seeing these boots pop-up everywhere! I love how you styled them, oh so Canadian, just how I like it, haha :)!


  6. how cute is this outfit. very woodzy if I say so myself. love the big bulky sweater!

    xo kaitlin

  7. Back when I lived in Manitoba, I made myself a promise I would never be seen in anything like a Sorrel or Cougar boot... I'm still pretty set on that, but I must admit seeing all of you girls in your Cougars has me wavering just a bit :) I'm loving your fall ensemble, and just wish that the temperature would hurry up and dip to a normal fall level so I can wip out my sweaters, too! But actually, I think I love the dress in this post most- the print is so soft and pretty :)

  8. hey smart outfit and cutest woodland road traveler ever, wanna come home with me?! my socks would SO be officially rocking if they were planted in those darling boots!!!

    Louise, your forest frolic jump makes me all kinds of happy! you know, when we met that night i liked you immediately. you just felt comfortable to me right away and your spirit shines lades. brightness and joy!!! ♥

  9. This is so so lovely! I absolutely love how you have styled the boots! I can't get over unexpected pieces!!

    -Heather from

  10. Love these pictures in the woods :)

  11. Very insightful and well-researched article.


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