September 19, 2011

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I'm quite in love with these clothes swaps that we've been having over here in Vancouver. It gives you a chance to try on a style that you'd always admired, but could never justify jumping off the deep end for. 
Take this gorgeous velvet blazer. I've always been a sucker for textures, J Crew and classic styles (I don't know why I hadn't leapt before...) so when Cee pulled out this beauty I bounded across the room and happily gave it a new temporary home! 
Luckily fall eventually did arrive so I pulled on a few layers, my skinny cafe trousers and wiggled around my apartment like an extra from Mad Men.

Oh, don't even pretend you've never done that! 
Green Velvet Blazer- Cee's (similar), Leopard Print Cardigan- Ricki's (similar), Black Skinny's- H&M (similar), Nude Heels- Aldo, Gold Necklace- Joe Fresh, Brown Belt- Vintage
Luckily some of the lovely Vancouver bloggers got together for a swap, cupcakes and a chat this past weekend (pretty photos to come!) 
So I have some new goodies to dress up and can't wait to try out a few new styles.
I hope you all had awesome weekends too!


  1. LOVING that velvet blazer! It's such a great color on you!
    Aren't clothing swaps super fabulous? I'm thinking I'm due for another as well! Too bad I'm not out west!

  2. Love how you styled the velvet cardigan, the leopard print top was the perfect choice, you look so chic!
    It was so lovely to see you yesterday, looking forward to our next get together!
    xo Cara

  3. gorgeous! and i need that velvet blazer (:

  4. Okay I'm totally obsessed with that blazor...and that fact you paired it with a leopard top, makes me even more in love with this outfit.
    SO CUTE!

    come visit!
    xo kait

  5. This post made me smile for so many reasons, but a big one was seeing that your beautiful leopard cardigan (I'm searching for my own as we speak) came from Ricki's! I guess they have a few redeeming qualities after all :) It's the perfect match for my green jacket, I never would have thought to put the two together myself but the results... well, let's just say now I have even more motivation to find my own leopard cardi! So great to catch up yesterday. Hopefully you can join us for our next barre fitness outing!

  6. I love the colour of the velvet blazer. It looks especially lovely paired with the leopard cardigan. It just seems like they belong together. Who knew!?! And you know, I've never actually seen Mad Men, but this post reminds me that I really want to. It will be the next series I tackle once I'm all caught up on True Blood!

  7. I love the colour, definitely feeling the velvet.

    Haven't checked in with you for ages, your blog's looking great hun!


  8. I love all the "richness" going on in this outfits..the velvet and leopard together are fabulous!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  9. Lovely job on the styling Louise, that blazer is absolutely stunning & I LOVE that colour on you. Also, Martin asked me to tell you that those were the best cupcakes, he's ever had!! Yum, I'll have to agree I devoured mine. It was so fantastic to see your gorgeous & smiling self, you looked absolutely beautiful! Hope your week is awesome. xo

  10. Note to self: MUST WATCH MAD MEN!
    Note to you: You're a babe.

  11. The swap sounds like so much fun and what a great find! I am such a fan of velvet and that blazer is fantastic on you!

    xo Danielle

  12. Anonymous23.9.11

    Ah, I have a velvet green blazer myself as well - it's such a standout piece, you combined it perfectly! :)

  13. Absolutely loving the way you remixed this blouse, it looks so luxe set against the black and leopard. Stunning pally! So good seeing you the other day :)

    Alex xoxo


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