September 9, 2011

You Are a Tourist

It's always strange returning to the place you grew up. I felt like a tourist in my hometown, and it was only then that I realized how different I am now from the girl who left. Not different in the sense of who I am deep down- don't worry guys, I'll always be a book worm, design obsessed goofball- but more sure of who I am and with a much less bruised heart. (yay!)
And it really was a lovely week back, filled with so many people (and animals!) that I love, river rafting, hiking, dinners, and hanging out on the town's new pedestrian area (aww it was such a BIG deal for the little town).
White Tank- H&M, Grey Jersey Skirt- Aritzia, Straw Clutch- Vintage, Woven Belt- Aldo, Silver Flats- Joe Fresh, Wrap Bracelet- Club Monaco
And one of my favourite times was just relaxing at my parent's acreage, in the comfiest outfit ever (LOVE this jersey skirt!), feeling very much like I know who I am and where I'm going. 
Cheers to mistakes, second chances, amazing friends and fresh starts. 


  1. love this outfit! looks so cute and comfortable!

  2. Love that skirt, such a beautiful outfit and location!
    xo Cara

  3. That jersey skirt is so great, the slit up the side is so perfectly placed! I agree that it can be weird visiting a place you grew up but no longer live. I feel that way when I go back to Toronto all the time.

    xo, alison*elle

  4. awe Louise, this post makes me wanna hop in the car and go out to find a country road somewhere to just breath it all in! tremendous share lades. i love that you've gone to that transcendent place where the old life and new life blend but in a much more healthy way. at least it sounds like that's happened for you and it's rad!

    being sure of who you are and comfortable with yourself is HUGE - key components for life. good on ya for big upping them both this way and looking darn adorable the whole dang time too!

    sorry it's taken me like an age to come by, time is not my friend lately, i think i could almost see mr. clock peering my way and tapping itself in the face signaling times up whenever i wanna get to my blog friend visits. xoox ♥

  5. I completely sympathise with your feeling of being a tourist in your home town... I never feel completely comfortable going back to Manitoba, because it seems the more I change, the more it stays the same. Or something like that. To be honest, I'm not sure I was ever completely comfortable there to start, and the longer I'm away, the more acute that feeling becomes when I go back.

    But I digress... Facing those old demons, whatever they may be, is part of life, and I'm glad you came out the other side unscathed and looking as stylish as ever. I cannot get over how comfortable and stylish that maxi looks. Like pajamas, but chic!

  6. you are too cute! I love the long light look!

    -Heather from

  7. Anonymous11.9.11

    looooooove the skirt. yes, i think i'll head over to aritzia soon :)

  8. I am in love with your outfit, it looks so comfortable

  9. Love the long jersey skirt with the tank! So easy, casual but chic.

    Xo Chelle

  10. AMAZING skirt love! I'm back in the bloggosphere in full force! xo Come swing by and say hi!


  11. Louise! Yay, so excited that I get to see you this weekend, & yes it has been such a busy summer -what the heck. I'm absolutely smitten with your comfy, but totally chic look. I love the neutral hues & loose/drapey silhouette. Also, I love this post it's filled with so much strength & positivity, how inspiring. xo veronika

    ps -the pics are gorg too

  12. i love your skirt! it's so simple and chic and can be worn so many ways...
    it really suits you!

  13. Love this look! It's so simple and casual, but the slit adds some sexiness to it ; )

  14. I love going home AND I love this outfit. It may be comfy but it looks slightly dressy too.


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