September 26, 2011

Settle Down

It's official, Fall has arrived! Jeans are out, coats are on and rain is falling.
Obviously, I'm thrilled!
I haven't had a chance to be outside enjoying it yet (oh hai, 32 hours of homework last weekend!) but getting to wear layers and sip tea while working is not too shabby.

Plus, it feels more weather appropriate to wear these pumps again, the red heel just makes me so happy- and reminds me of being in France last fall, where these beauties came from. I love wearing items that have such strong memories attached to them! 
Army Coat- Element (similar), Skinny Jeans- c/o Parasuco, Grey Silk Blouse and Gold Necklace- Joe Fresh, Bauble Necklace- Loft, Belt- Vintage, Heels- Mellow Yellow
And how cozy are these jeans? 
I don't wear jeans too often, mainly because leggings and tights allow for more comfort/impromptu dance moves, but these guys have lycra in them and just hug you. 
Parasuco sent them over for me to try out and I have to say, they're pretty awesome! Parasuco is one of those iconic Canadian brands from my childhood (pretty sure everyone in my high school had at least one pair of their jeans!) and they just launched their online shopping site, check it out here.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  


  1. Those jeans do fit you perfectly :)
    Such a cute outfit...I LOVE those shoes...the heel is fantastic!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  2. Aw, this is all kinds of cute! I love this military jacket on you, and I allllmost bought that same Joe blouse but made myself walk away! Those shoes are darling, love the red heel!!

  3. LOVE your jacket! It looks great on you! Lovely outfit :)

  4. Such a perfect fall look Louise, I love the jacket and those heels!! You look fab in those jeans as well, and the necklace is the perfect touch to add a little glam to the whole look-beautiful!
    I posted your sequin dress today on my blog (I wore it to West 4th's First Fashion Night) I got so many compliments on it, thanks again for bringing it to the swap ;)
    xo Cara

  5. you look adorable! i'm glad the weather is changing too!

  6. I'm sure I said it about ten times last weekend, but I just love those shoes- especially the red heel, it's just so snappy! The word sounds silly, but I think you get what I mean :) Thirty-two hours of homework sounds absolutely brutal, but at least you have the fun of dressing for fall to console you. It's my favourite season, I have to admit- I even like the cold weather :)

  7. oooo... those red heels! they look so unique and pretty. Covet.

  8. your shoes are so cute. love that the heel is red!
    its natural yet fabulous!

    Come Visit Me
    xo kait

  9. I totally had Parasucos in high school! And I hear you on the Fall weather (though I could do without the torrential downpours). Love your French heels, I love items that have special memories like that.

    xo, alison*elle

  10. I love those heels! You sure know how to make a casual outfit cute.

  11. Beautiful fashion made by Inuit designers. Check it out and spread the word. If you want to stay warm in Canada's cold winters - look for Northern inspiration!

  12. Nice outfit! I like those red heels!

  13. fantastic blog!!!follow you,follow me???kiss

  14. what a delight! i adore the plaid peek-a-boo cuff and your casual jean style with those coveted pumps that i was lucky enough to glimpse in person!!! you look fantastic lades. blasted homework though, that's an insane amount of hours you put in but the pay off will be tremendous. you're going places, literally : )

    xo ♥

  15. what a great jacket! perfect for our fall/winter/rainy season, you look great!

  16. Great outfit! And the heel on the shoes really make the whole thing pop!!


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