February 24, 2010

Such Great Heights

So I had a very distinguished older gentleman ask me today what I plan to do in life. It was point blank. He asked it nicely mind you, but there were none of the usual niceties that precede a question like this (why is it that older people and kids can get away with bluntness? I'm way too chicken to be blunt!). I think I probably mumbled something like "well...I'm starting a wardrobe styling company...?". I don't think he knew what I meant by that but he also wasn't asking about my career, he meant what did I want to DO? I rambled off a few things that I knew I wanted to do but there were also things I said that I don't remember consciously thinking of. It's funny how you can surprise yourself sometimes! Anyways, here's the little list of things I would like to accomplish in the near future:

- Take a photography class and learn how to use more than auto shoot on this camera!
- Go back to Europe to see it more in depth
- Go to more art shows and concerts
- Smile more!
- Get my business going and rock at it!
- Take up dance again
- See my friends more (they all seem to live so far away!)
- Get my confidence back (surprisingly I'm actually quite introverted)
- Read the many books I have in my "To Be Read" pile
- Love more, laugh deeper, live braver

Now to the outfit... I only wore this for a few hours this afternoon/evening, it wasn't really appropriate for the seminar this morning! I love the mix of prints and colours going on here, it's so cheerful, and it works because the silhouette is simple and I kept the jewelery to a minimum.

Top and tights: Joe
Skirt, boots and scarf: Le Chateau
Hat: American Apparel
Necklace: From the Earth

No new developments with the business, I've been in the seminar all day, but I'm planning some awesome stuff and can't wait to start!



  1. Beautiful outfit!


  2. I absolutley Love this floppy hat!!!
    Great post!
    Found your blog, going to follow you through your new wardrobe styling company.

  3. lovely lvoely lovely hat

  4. I love your hat and the whole outfit is great! thanks for your comment!

  5. This is such an amazing outfit!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it...must get brave enough to try a look like this!


Thanks for all your lovely comments, they never fail to make my day! xx


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