August 3, 2010


Ottoman- Vampire Weekend
A lovely friend of mine, in real life and in fashion blog world, posted an outfit a little while ago on her blog Miss Jones and Me (such an addictive blog!) where she said that I was the influence. This made me feel super proud because damn. the girl can seriously dress to kill and I couldn't quite believe she used me as inspiration! 

Anyways, that got me to thinking about where I get my inspiration from and made me think a bit more about who I was channeling in an outfit. So last night, bored out of my mind (hey, it was a Monday!) I decided to get dressed and take photos. After pulling different things from the wardrobe I decided that I wanted to make an outfit inspired by Brooke! She always rocks the cutest socks with her heels and has a tendency to do sexy without showing too much skin (yes. I realize I'm showing a hell of a lot of leg here! And yes, Brooke is classier than that! BUT my a/c is broken and the sweat was starting to collect on my brows so the legs came out!) 

Shirt: Zara
Self Made Cut-Offs and Bow Peep Toes: Joe
Socks and Cuff: Aldo
Peacock Earrings: Gift

I completely loved playing dress up and found out that socks with shoes are definitely wearable, I can't wait to wear them out of the house now! I hope Brooke is ok with me stealing inspiration from her too, it was fun to break out of my own styling mindset and try on a new character!


  1. Beautiful outfit:)))

    Love & hug

  2. SO CUTE!! love the idea behind it...and the socks! the socks!! you totally pull it off.


  3. Ha ha you deserve the flattering post...your blog is always wonderful and you dress so well!

    I've been meaning to try socks and pull it off!

  4. Love this outfit, and I definitely use you as inspiration for some of my outfits as well :) Your house (or apartment) is adorable!

  5. Awesome! Doesn't that just make you feel so good?! I really like this outfit. That cuff is amazing.

    xo Marcie

  6. This is a very fun outfit! You look so happy wearing it.

  7. So cute. I love the off-the-shoulder top!

  8. Awwww thanks Louise!! This is so sweet of you and I'm so flattered considering I'm ALWAYS taking inspiration from your looks. I am more than OK with you stealing my style especially when you look so damn good. I LOVE the top. It's so perfect for an off-the-shoulder look. And you think I'm classy?? I must not be drinking enough wine on girls night ;) xx

  9. Louise darling, you doooo need to invest in some kick-ass, curb stomping, jaw dropping heels. so. worth. it.

  10. you are totally looking so foxy and chic!! i love it, dear!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  11. OUR PICTURES ARE UP come look come looook. Can't wait to see your post love xo

  12. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I love this outfit and your peacock earrings are adorable. I've actually been wanting some similar to yours! xo


Thanks for all your lovely comments, they never fail to make my day! xx


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