August 27, 2010

I Am Over It

I Am Over It- The Dandy Warhols
Some days you just need to put on your girliest skirt and twirl around. I honestly don't remember what day this week I wore this (...Thursday??) but most of this week I've felt this way. It's been a long week. 

That's not necessarily a bad thing, I've been learning a lot and dealing with some loose ends, but it doesn't leave a lot of time to relax and unwind. I think I might head up to my lake on Sunday to escape a bit and de-stress. There's nothing better to me than sitting on the docks of my lake with a good book and a coffee of some sort (mmm... chai latte...).
Skirt- Urban Outfitters
Chambray Shirt- American Eagle
Tank- Forever 21
Shoes- Anne Klein via Value Village
Heart Necklace- Le Chateau

Lets keep this short and sweet (I'm off to hunt down a chai latte now)!
Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!


  1. aaahh florals and denim.. something that i wore today too! :D it's good to read that you'll be able to relax this weekend.. :)

    Animated Confessions

  2. Perfect combo!! Love this skirt! Oh so feminine and you're right, sometimes you need your best girly skirt and mmm latte! I really like how you tied the shirt as well! You're too cute!!
    Have a great (and relaxing!!) weekend lady!! :)


  3. p.s. value village is the shit!!! haha

  4. floral & denim is such an awesome combo! love the ruffles on the skirt, too! cute cute cute!

  5. I'm actually heading up to the lake today with the guy! I'm so excited and it's the perfect little thing to do to relax before school starts...

    You look lovely, as you always do! That skirt is full of foffy, girly goodness that I LOVE! Oh, and your tied denim shirt? Brilliant!

  6. This skirt is so cute! It looks so good with the denim top.

  7. Loving your denim shirt with your skirt, so adorable :)

    xo Lynzy
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  8. That is a gorgeous skirt! x

  9. such a cute outfit!

  10. Anonymous30.8.10

    i love the denim and floral combo! :) and the skirt is extra cute!

  11. Your skirt is so pretty and against the chambray is even better. I really like how denim/chambray can take a really girly item and tone it down just a notch. This outfit looks great on you :)


  12. Just stumbled across your blog... I love this denim and floral combination. You pull it off really well. - Katy

  13. I love the way you paired your chambray shirt with the floral skirt. Such a girly look! I agree, sometimes I just feel the need to throw on something that makes me feel girly. Hope you were able to relax and spend some time at the lake!


  14. I would totally rock this outfit!


Thanks for all your lovely comments, they never fail to make my day! xx


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