August 12, 2010

Ready to Start

Ready to Start- Arcade Fire
I had a fairly long debate with myself as to whether I should post these photos or wait until next week. You see, despite the fact that there are no actual duplicate pieces of clothing it looks eerily similar to my last outfit. Darn. I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say it again, I tend to get obsessed with a "look" and then do it to death or until I find a new obsession du jour! In the end I figured that this is a blog about what I'm wearing and well... this is what I'm wearing! Hopefully you guys aren't bored yet, I promise I'll mix it up a bit more in the next few days! 
Blouse and Purse- Thrifted
Skirt- Joe
Ring and necklace- Le Chateau
Belt and Earrings- Vintage
Shoes- Aldo

I had today off, which was a nice mid-week surprise! Charlie (the purse) and I went grocery shopping, thrift shopping and then for a long walk on the beach (I may be lying about one of these things...). And now I'm dragging a friend out into the middle of nowhere (a 5 min drive) to watch the meteor shower! Apparently it's supposed to be cloudy with a chance of a thunderstorm but until the rain actually starts to come down I'm not cancelling! I have no idea why but I LOVE meteor showers! 


  1. So adorable! Charlie seems to be fitting right in...;)

  2. aaahh that blouse looks really soft and delicate!! i love it!! the color and the fabric.. very classy! :D

    Animated Confessions

  3. Lovely:)

  4. You named your purse? That is so cute! Charlie fits him well. =)

    I love meteor showers!

  5. Wow, I really love the blouse and purse -- great thrifting finds!

  6. similar or not, they're both adorable!


  7. the blouse is so amazing! i love your outfit!

  8. You are so pretty! I also do the thing where I wear basically the same outfit again and again and again. It's repetitive but on the other hand it's good to know what you like!

  9. i just LOVE your hair!! i think that every time i see your pics its just a lovely colour! Love this top too! i want one similiar to add to my autumn wardrobe! :) x

  10. Your outfit looks so gorgeous, I LOVE it!

  11. Gorgeous outfit!
    Your natural beauty blows me away with every outfit photo set you post...

    I'm especially in love with your silk top. Goodness, I've been scourging the thrift stores forever for one just like it. Oh, one day when I'm not even looking hard I'll find the perfect one :)

  12. I don't blame you for being obsessed with this look. It's fab and you look beautiful. xo

  13. Thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog :)
    September issues are always the best this is true.
    I am now following your cute blog :):)

  14. beautiful outfit, simple and chic ;)

  15. How could we ever bore of such beauty?? I wear the same look all the time. There's something so comforting about it. Some of my pieces are like old friends who I know won't let me down and will always try to make me look my best ha ha
    OK, I'm done with that little analogy now. Your thrifted blouse is amazing. It's such a ladylike piece and I can see it being incredibly versatile. Also, when do I get to meet this Charlie?? I hope he knows what a lucky guy he is! Have a lovely weekend!! xx

  16. i love your bag && great photo shoot!

  17. Anonymous15.8.10

    lovely pictures and outfits! cute blog!

  18. wait, is charlie really the purse? haha. i love this look! and i know what you mean about falling into a look obsession. but whatever! its usually fleeting so hold on to it while you still like it :)



Thanks for all your lovely comments, they never fail to make my day! xx


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