May 2, 2011

Rumor Has It

Rumor Has It- Adele
Does anyone else feel that this week has been kinda crazy historical?? Elections, a  fairy tale wedding, Osama Bin Laden and a (very important!) letter of decision that I've been waiting on. Crazy stuff for one 4 day stretch!
And I really wanted to write a post for the Royal Wedding; after avoiding the hype for so long, my mum and some friends finally cracked me and I became quite obsessed. Quickly. We're talking a 2:50am wake up call to watch it. Shhh! But instead I had a really relaxing weekend with my lovely sister and now it's kinda late (and very redundant!) to recap all the details. Just know that the little Brit in me LOVED it and had big warm fuzzy feelings all Friday, especially when thinking of the Grace Kelly-esque dress. Le sigh! 

Black Dress- Le Chateau, White Silk Blouse- Thrifted, Paisley Scarf- Vintage, Wood Platform Heels- Pierre Hardy for Gap, Bauble Necklace- Loft (won!! At Miss Influenced
So this is my version of the Audrey Hepburn bun that I've been dying to try; it was surprisingly easy and made everything look so posh (even my housecoat. Bam!). And it makes me feel that I at least look like a lady, just don't focus on those darn fly-aways...
I'm also unveiling the pretty pretty necklace I won from Molly at Miss Influenced, did I mention that it's pretty? Because it is. And it also makes simple outfits look like I actually tried- and I LOVE that. 
See people, historical events. :) 


  1. You look stunning here, Louise! Love that you broke up the black dress with a scarf! And you're right- what a week indeed!! :)


  2. stunning outfit my dear! you look so elegant! your hair is so pretty like this :) x

  3. Anonymous2.5.11

    Gorgeous!!! a crazy week for sure!

  4. Looking good Louise! Love how you accessorized! Thanks for the post!

  5. You are so adorable - love how much you get your pose on! ;) Too cute! And this dress is awesome on you! I need to know your secrets, girl.

  6. Your hair is wonderful. When I saw who it was inspired by, it kinda makes sense!

    I have the habit of over-apologizing too. It seems like it counts less.

  7. Agreed, this week has been nuts. At least we have our frivolous blogs to entertain us right? haha. jkjk.

    Loving your beltage!

    Niki from A Haute Mess

  8. nice necklace! hehe. Just writing to let you know I'm passing the "One Lovely Blog Award" onto you! Check it out here:

  9. This is a great outfit. Love the Necklace!

  10. Such a cute outfit! I love the addition of the scarf as a belt, it really ties the whole thing together. And I have always been a bit Royal-Family-obsessed so you can only imagine how overly into the whole wedding I was. Haha kiiiind of embarrassing.

    Alexandra xo

  11. Love, love this look on you!! I'm such a fan of the high bun, very chic. I'm also loving the beautiful scarf + necklace too. Hope your Friday is a fab one. xx veronika

    PS we are having another meet up at the end of May email me veronikanovotny(at) if your interested in going!! Yay.


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