May 25, 2011

Five Things

IMG_9423 copy
Currently in a technological haze. Between switching to a new (and so awesome that I want to hug it forever) phone and spending 5 hrs at the Apple store on the holiday Monday, hoping and praying that my poor computer would wake up from it's coma, I just can't face wrestling with a tripod. 

Hence the non-outfit photos. 

Instead, these are 5 photos from the past week (except for one. Betcha can't guess which it is though!) summing up my week and mini adventures. 
IMG_9459 copy
louise turner & me
IMG_9288 copy
IMG_9782 copy
1. Sunny tulips at the Waterfront
2. Harbour people watching
3. SEE! Not enjoying having my photo taken, even at a young age... can't be said about my adorable friend W though- look at that model pose! And the killer '90's styles we're rocking here (yes, those are cats on my crop top)
4. Go-to books for when I'm feeling a teensy bit overwhelmed
5. Camping at Squamish last weekend, a little rainy but so gorgeous! 

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  1. Fun pictures! I hope that your computer is working! Also my guess is #3? :)

  2. Hey Louise:

    I am dying to wear cropped tops and flatforms this summer.

    Can you believe I have only just discovered interactive fashion blogs. I am hooked.

    Keep on doing what you do.


  3. The last picture is beautiful. Reminds me of where I grew up, and where I long to be. By the ocean, and woodlands.

    Your blog is stunning always x

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!

  4. It was so nice to meet you this afternoon! I was admiring your bracelet and now visiting your blog I learn that it was a DIY!! So impressed. I am now following your blog and am so excited to keep up with all of your amazing outfits!
    xo Cara

  5. These photos are lovely. I love BC.

  6. Beautiful photos, they make me miss BC so much!


  7. I'm in love the last picture.. so beautiful!
    I would love to go to BC someday...

  8. Anonymous13.7.11

    Just wanted to metaphorically pop my head in and say hi! Life's been crazy for me lately but with my teacher summer officially underway, I can't complain - plus it gave me time to catch up on what I've missed on your blog over the last month. Who would have thought I'd stumble upon a lovely pic of the two of us! Thanks for reminding of the great times we had as kids!
    Enjoy summer,


Thanks for all your lovely comments, they never fail to make my day! xx


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