May 13, 2011

Sweet Disposition

Due to a Blogger glitch, this is my previously released post from Thursday.
The second times better anyway!
Sweet Disposition- The Temper Trap
Wow. Do you guys see how dark my hair actually is?? 
I was going to talk all about colour blocking, carrot pants, spring trends... you know, stuff that would make sense on a fashion blog. But as I'm looking at these photos, all I can think is Damn. My natural colour is daaaark! 
I haven't dyed my hair in about 9 months (hence the lighter ends) as I'm really trying to embrace my God given colour. I'm also trying on a bunch of different hairstyles, so today I was bored and decided to try my part on the other side, you know, really mix things up and get crazy! Because I have some mad cow-licks it's a bit harder than it should be... and required many (many!) bobby pins! And looking at these dark brown roots I really don't think this hair has ever seen the sun. Darn cow-licks! 
Coral Cardigan- J.Crew (sale!), Red Silk Tank- Urban Outfitters, Beige Carrot Pants- Wilfred via Aritzia, Loafer Heels- Mellow Yellow, Gold Bead Necklace- Target, Belt- Vintage
But I think that's probably enough talk about my hair! 
Especially since I'm quite excited about all the new spring trends that I can finally wear and enjoy, including this one of colour blocking with bright analogous colours! Which, of course, is a favourite as I love saying analogous. :) ( makes me sound smart)
There's no way a person can be unhappy while wearing such a bright mash-up... and after last week's less than stellar events I'm pretty determined to turn my luck around!


  1. aw, I love your natural color! It's so pretty, and goes fabulously with that peachy cardigan you're wearing!

  2. I like your natural colour, and with the lighter ends it looks quite dip-dyed. Love the outfit especially the shoes x

  3. I was in the process of embracing my god given color when a few gray hairs popped up. Now I have gone darker. Such is life. Love this classic look with a color twist.

  4. I think the dark color is good! I've never had anything except my god-given color because I'm not sure anything else would look good on me (I'm Asian, so I guess that limits my options, sigh) but I like how my hair is really light in comparison to other asian hair...

  5. You have such a great taste! Love the combination of the colours! :)

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Thanks for all your lovely comments, they never fail to make my day! xx


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