May 26, 2011

Who Won??

Ok, how much fun is a giveaway?? 
So much. Especially when I get to give lovely people like Veronika of Girl and Closet $100 gift card to Shopbop! This girl is awesome, so sweet, stylish and genuine, plus she's a fellow Vancouver girl who I get to meet for real on Sunday! You better believe that there will be talk about what she's going to buy!

Thanks to Shopbop for hosting this giveaway, and mucho hugs and kisses to you guys! 


  1. I just wanted to stop by and visit your blog to say how much I'm looking forward to meeting you on Sunday- and how funny that this should be the post at the top of the page, announcing that another of my favourite local bloggers has won your giveaway :) I love the way that the blogging world is sometimes so wonderfully small!

  2. Yay! I'm SO thrilled that I've won. I rarely win things, so this is just fabulous news AND yes I can't wait to pick something & style it on my blog... of course!! I'll email you later today hun. xx veronika

  3. What a fun giveaway. And Shopbop is such a great store, it has something for everyone.

  4. So great meeting other bloggers in real life, isn't it? I always love meeting the people behind the blogs.



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