February 22, 2010

Monday Monday Monday

Well, I feel that I've had a very accomplished day! Things just kept working out and I was able to tie up a lot of loose ends, and still be home by 4:30! Being home so early meant that I was able to finish up my Inspiration Board that has been occupying my coffee table for the better part of a week. It's looking great and I feel very...inspired! I'll post some pics of it tomorrow before I try to explain what it looks like.

I've noticed the severe lack of prints in my wardrobe and have been itching to go out and buy a plethora of crazy patterns and colors (the talk of spring always does this to me). But what with starting a business and all I'm not really able to go and blow the mortgage payment on fancy florals! So, I grabbed as many prints as I could from the closet this a.m. and started pairing them together. This linen-esque skirt, stripey top and leopard print scarf were the winners. I had the good intentions to go a big wilder but just felt comfy in this, maybe when the snow stops falling I'll bust out some plaid and floral combo!

Sweater: Joe
Top: Le Chateau
Skirt: Urban
Leggings: Old Navy
Boots: Aldo
Scarf: Le Chateau
Locket: Also
Watch: Guess

I have the business cards in my hand now and I'm picking up the brochures tomorrow. I'll have to give them their own post as I'm completely in love with them! I'm so glad I got a professional to whip them up rather than trying to do it myself. No one's good at everything but everyone's good at something, right? I'll stick to dressing people up and making them look fab!


p.s check out the mountain of snow in my backyard! And more is still falling! What's this things called spring, and when does it start?

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  1. That scarf is gorgeous!



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