February 18, 2010

Hard Headed Woman

Apparently there is ice fog outside...I'm not quite sure what that is, but it's a little gloomy looking. To combat this I'm wearing a bright coral sweater (one can hope that the brightness will attract the sun back soon!) I'm also in love with this hat. Jane, of SeaofShoes fame, bought it in the fall and when I saw her wear it I fell in love! It has that awesome 70's hippy feel, but without the patchouli stench.


Sweater: JCrew
T- Shirt: Gap Boyfriend Tee
Jeans: Gap
Shows: Nine West
Hat: American Apparel
Necklace: Aldo
Belt: Gap

Brochures for the business are being printed today and I have found out that there are no other "Louise Turner Wardrobe Stylist"s in the province, so good news all around! I've decided that the first day will be March 1st, 2010...yay! Now I'm finishing up the business plan and getting all my duck's in a row.

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  1. Best Wishes!!!
    March 1st is an AWESOME day to start!


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