August 23, 2011

Half of Something Else

What does one wear when it's sweltering hot and they don't have a/c? Since I have a couple neighbours who are a little too close for the answer to be a bathing suit, I threw on the little sundress that I borrowed from the ever-lovely Cara over at A Fashion Love Affair and was very content! 
Last weekend was a nice little blur of hikes, reading, wandering the city and cooking tasty foods... basically I'm soaking up my summer freedom as much as I can before drowning in homework, essays and GPA stress come September! 
Navajo Print Dress- Swapped with Cara, Belt and Watch- Thrifted, Wood Sandals- Pierre Hardy for Gap, Clutch- Old Navy, Assorted Bracelets
And to continue on this lovely little relaxation trip, I'm heading out after work tonight to meet up with some of my favourite Vancouver bloggers for dinner. I'm so excited for the evening of chats, food and fashion with these pretty ladies!  


  1. You look stunning in the dress, love that you paired it with a patterned clutch...and so funny we posted our dresses on the same day! It couldn't have worked out better ;)
    Excited to see you tonight, we are going to have a blast!
    xo Cara

  2. Cara's dress looks great on you! I love the print.

    xo, alison*elle

  3. Such a lovely dress!I esp love the back of it! :)

  4. Such a perfect print on the dress! So jealous that you live in a City & get to meet up with other fabulous bloggers. Hope you have a great time!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  5. i love the cool navajo print on that sundress, and it fits you perfecly... looks incredibly pretty with that belt!! stay cool and enjoy what's left of summer, i'm hanging on to it with everything i've got <3shelby

  6. Louise,

    how gosh darned cute are you?! now that i've actually had the supreme pleasure of meeting you i can say 1st hand that you have such a spark and couldn't be more beautiful in person too!!! that's inside and out girl, you've got a keen sense of humor, wicked style and mad amounts of sweetness.

    LOVE Cara's sundress on you, the colors are fantastic and the pattern is summer perfect! wooden sandals are awesome with it, give that heat a kick in the you know where's is what! ; )

    we bought a portable a/c machine last year but haven't had to use it that much this August. omg, when i loved in Toronto though, we didn't have one either and would make frequent stop offs at McDonalds. strange hey? but honestly, they've got the best a/c in all the land! have a wondrous rest of the week lades, it was the greatest enhanced reality to meet you!!! xoox ♥

  7. I love your dress! You look amazing.

  8. You look stunning! I adore the dress :) what a pretty pattern and the belt is a great touch! Hope you had a fun dinner? :) Loves, Nikki x

  9. You clearly know how to pick a gem... I was tempted by this dress, but totally unsure how I would wear it and also how it might look (my suspicsions were leaning towards not good on me) and now I'm completely regretting it because it is so, so cute and perfect for a summer afternoon. Maybe Cara will agree to let me borrow it next? ;) It was great to catch up again last night- we'll have to do a dance class when you get back from the prairies.

  10. Nice dress xoxo


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