August 19, 2011

I Hear the Bells

Man, I feel like a woman!
(Yes, I do intend to start every post with an iconic line from 90's music. You're welcome.)
I've been crushing on a tutu skirt since I was 5*, so when Cee brought out this little beauty at the swap I pretty much leapt over the table to grab it. And since it's been in my hands I've found countless loveable outfits to wear it with. 

*Seriously. Imagine my 5 year old disappointment when I found out that ballet classes don't automatically mean tutus. 
Blue Button Up- Zara, Tutu Skirt- Courtesy of Cee!, Grey Suede Heels- Nine West, Pink Necklace- FXXI, Gold Bracelets- Le Chateau, Turquoise Ring- Aldo
After much deliberation I decided to take photos of the skirt with my favourite blouse, putting a very "me" spin on this swap item. I also twisted it around, something about a bow at the small of the back makes me smile and feel supremely girly! 


  1. Anonymous19.8.11

    oh hello beauty.
    adore this look, this is brunch attire for me. 100%.
    I love the little doodle on the table.
    setting is perfection.

  2. Gorgeous outfit, I really love your shoes - and they looks so cute with the tutu skirt; basically, the whole look is fab.
    L oxoxox

  3. amazing swap score! I've always wanted a tutu-esque skirt too! it looks beautiful on you!

  4. I adore this look, the skirt looks amazing on you, love how you've styled it...gorgeous!
    Happy Friday
    xo Cara

  5. That skirt is just adorable - takes me back to my ballet days! It is definitely more wearable than my sequined classical ones ;)

  6. You are too cute, I love the whole look and the setting for the photos :)


  7. It's very Carrie ;)

  8. I just love how we literally swapped clothes in our posts today- too funny! And even more fitting considering we're both prairie girls and I'm commenting on this post all the way from Manitoba :) I love the way you wore my tutu with that light blue blouse and those gray suede shoes, which I have been lusting after since their debut on your blog. Oh, and the coral lip? Pretty much ballerina perfection ;)

  9. this outfit is great! you look beautiful! awesome grab from the swap. :)

  10. Sooooo cute! You're such a perfect combo of girly and preppy. I adore this outfit on you.

  11. This is a great retro look- with twist! I love it- looks like you are going to go kick up your heels and go dancing!

  12. The bow at the back is soooo cute :)

  13. Loooove the skirt. Looks great on you! So fun to do a clothes swap :)

    Xo Chelle

  14. Absolutely love this outfit. It's so beautiful and whimsical; the perfect look from head to toe


Thanks for all your lovely comments, they never fail to make my day! xx


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