August 12, 2011

Terrible Love

Oh how much I love this little lace dress! 
And since coming to the conclusion that every Fall lace, leopard print and red will be in "in style" I don't think my love will fade any time soon. That reminds me, cost per wear justification calculations, I love you too.
Lace Dress- American Apparel, Grey Suede Heels- Nine West, Black Belt- Vintage, Blush Necklace- FXXI, Pink Clutch- Aldo, Assorted Bracelets
Aaaand this is a view that you just don't get in rural Manitoba...
My lace dress took me to a fancy dress, champagne bubbly birthday party for a friend that was so much better because we were high up in a pretty city watching the sunset and eating tiramisu cake.
Be jealous, very jealous.


  1. This outfit is stunning, definitely one of my look beautiful, I love the lace dress, the choice of necklace, the heels, it all works so well!
    Have a fantastic weekend!
    xo Cara

  2. You look so elegant and lovely! I adore that dress!

  3. I agree about lace, leaopard print and red! I will also add that I love the years that plaid and houndstooth and purple are in! :D
    Gorgeous dress!

  4. Lovely outfit! And love the view!

  5. Aw, your evening sounds perfect! And you looked absolutely lovely, I love your lace dress! That view is amazing! I remember being in Van on and having my mind blown that I would be in a huge city but could like, look down a street or ally and see a mountain. Amazing!

  6. Seriously, I love it here <3 Your look is perfect for celebrating in :)

    xo, alison*elle

  7. Such a classy outfit for such a classy lady. And sipping champagne with that view above must have been heaven. And yes, I am jealous, super jealous :) Thanks for the post!

  8. What a lovely view & fabulous sounding evening!! Hehe, yes I'm jealous! And this outfit is just drop dead gorgeous. Love everything about it. xo veronika

  9. Your dress is from American Apparel? I never go in there because I always think of it as a t-shirt and leggings kind of place, but clearly they've expanded their horizons and you are looking fabulous in the results. I'm also a huge fan of those gray suede pumps... If only I didn't live in fear of owning suede in Vancouver :(

  10. What an absolutely stunning outfit, one of my faves of yours for sure. So ladylike and chic and you're absolutely glowing in that first picture! Beautiful Louise!

    Alexandra xo

  11. I am jealous but mostly of that dress.

  12. Cute dress!
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  13. adorable dress! love the photos... <3

  14. Gorgeous dress - such a beautiful style and cute accessory's :)


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