August 25, 2011

Oh Fortune

This is the shirt that you got a preview of in the swap photos, the one that I did not think I could pull off  as I usually feel overwhelmed in tops that can also be used to steal watermelons. But the beading is beautiful and the fabric is slightly dupioni silk-ish so I had to give it a whirl. Plus, it's a swap item. It's hardly like I'm out of pocket for going out of my comfort zone! So a big thank you to the lovely Mina for sharing this beauty with me!
And what would you know? Throw a skinny belt on it (look! I have a waist!) and some high-waisted wool shorts, along with my favourite glasses, and I felt pretty gamine and, dare I say, French! 
Beaded Blouse- Mina, Black Wool Shorts- H&M, Wedge Espadrilles- Gap, Black Belt- Vintage, Faux Bans- Superstore/DIY
Aaaaand I just had to add in this last shot as it looks like I'm about to board a boat or something... Ahoy Captain? 
You're welcome for the giggle! :) 
So now I'm off to scoot over a few provinces and visit the pretty prairies for a week, it's my first time back since moving to BC in January and I'm quite excited! A lot has changed since then and I'm thrilled to be able to catch up with some of my nearest and dearest for real!
Bon voyage!


  1. Love these photos Louise, the fun ones and the stunning ones! I am so impressed with how you styled this top-it looks fantastic!
    Have a wonderful trip, hope to see you again soon!
    xo Cara

  2. i love ur top!! and your wedges! cute!

  3. I love the simplicity of this outfit, it's so chic! Good luck with the move.

    xo L.

  4. i love the combo of that shirt and skinny belt so preshh

    xo kait

  5. I absolutely love the magic of belts! (Can you tell I wear them pretty much everyday)
    I hope you have a great trip!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  6. I adore your wedges ^^ I wear belts all the time because I don't like the way "shapeless" / wide tops look on me ^^ x

  7. I just knew that beautiful white blouse would work for you somehow, and this post is absolute proof... The skinny belt made all the difference (so much so that I barely recognised it, to be honest!) I hope you're enjoying your trip back home and enjoying a better slice of Manitoba summer than I got while I was there last weekend. Oh, and also that if things have changed in the world you remember, that they've only changed for the better :) Can't wait to hear all about it when you're home!

  8. LOVE Dan Mangan (and his little bud Aidan Knight)!

    I'm also loving how your necklace kind of matches the blouse buttons.
    And finally, have a great trip back to the prairies!

  9. Love this outfit, it's very well put together!

    -Laura xoxo

  10. Cute glasses and heels hun.

    NRC ♥

  11. You can never go wrong with black and white! Love this!

  12. You can totally pull this look off! This blouse is STUNNING on you!
    Jen xo

  13. wow, the look is fabulous ! you can totally pull it off :) Black and white looks great, as (nearly) always. The specs make a great final touch :-)

    The blouse is beautiful, I like the beadings and the pleats. And the belt works really well with the blouse, too.


  14. super cute! love the glasses.

  15. I love your top. So cute. <3


  16. louise...u make every one of my tricky pieces look so nice. if i didnt know how this top actually fits in reality i would have died over it. i am in love with the way u styled it. i must give it a try this way when i get it back. this is why blogger swaps are perfect!so many new and unique ideas!

  17. You did Mina proud - love the way you styled that top and it's such a perfect summer look. The glasses were the perfect accent :). Can't wait to plan our next swap, I'm there no matter what! Hope you're having a great week love.

    Alex xoxo

  18. Love your outfit! So simple and lovely :)

  19. I love this outfit! The detailing on that blouse is so pretty and the belt just pulls everything together. You look lovely!


  20. I love your blog !!


Thanks for all your lovely comments, they never fail to make my day! xx


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