August 17, 2011


Dear, I feel we're facing a problem. 
This skirt is just too much fun to play dress-up with and yet it is not mine! The lovely Mina of Faboulista lent it to me at the last blogger swap we had. It definitely adds more junk in the trunk which can pose a problem, but it's also crazy soft and slinky and with a fitted top looks quite breezy. 
I was originally going to pair it with something sleek, a black cami and a heavy necklace, but when it accidentally slipped next to this floral tank I just went with it. It definitely takes the skirt in a more fun and flirty way, which is the perfect mood for summer! 
Blue Drape Skirt- Mina's, Floral Tank- Banana Republic, Black Platform Shoes- Le Chateau, Black Studded Belt- Gap, Watch- Guess
And since I've been working like a dog (surprise Louise! Handing in your two weeks notice when you still have four weeks to go, not so smart.) I'm going to keep this short and sweet. 
Hope you're having a swell week lovelies!


  1. You look beautiful, love how you paired Mina's skirt with the floral top!
    xo Cara

  2. Fun Fun Fun! I love this look.

  3. I was so curious how this skirt would look on, and I just love the results (perhaps I'll be allowed to borrow it next?) My tendency would have been to pair it with black, too, but I love the results with the bright floral print- it brings it to life in such an unexpected, summery way! As for handing in your two weeks notice two weeks early, well... It's a mistake I've made before, so you have my sympathy :)

  4. Beautiful skirt!! Love the outfit's colour palette :)



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